Looking for 8th Army HQ AFV Italy 1944 at KEW...no luck

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    Hello, like the subject line says.

    Apologies as I don't know the exact title or wording of such an AFV document or if one even exists for this formation. I know the docs I've obtained in the past had AFV, Q AFV or GHQ AFV in their titles, have searched through WO 170 series without luck. Does anyone know if an AFV doc exists for this formation in Italy?

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    as far as I recall 8th army was incorporated with the 7th US army in Sicily to make up 15th Army Group- HQ - on landing in Italy with the US 5th PLUS 8th Army made up 13th Army group - OMG - we can't have that so it remained 15th

    Army group until the Americans suggested that it should be named Allied Forces Italy (AAI) - this didn't fit so it was back to 15th AG - still the same HQ at Caserta

    When in Tunisia - the 1st and 8th Armies joined to make 18th AG under Alex...over in Normandy the 2nd British Army joined with 1st Canadian Army ( which was only 2nd Corps at the time until Belgium in late feb '45 ) to make up

    21st AG
    All rocket science stuff

    Now the 15th AG was always known as AFHQ- Caserta
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    There's a whole lot of files in WO 170 (Italian Campaign Diaries) under ALLIED FORCE HEADQUARTERS and HEADQUARTERS ALLIED ARMIES ITALY They range from WO 170/1 to WO 170/128. After that the files become 5th Army then Corps then Divisional diaries. It starts all over again at WO 170/4076 for 1945.

    I've copied one of these files before for someone else on the forum covering NA. What is the purpose of the unit/formation and who are they affiliated to? ie Are they REME or overall command of armoured units etc?

    Hope that helps to narrow down your search.

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