Long March POW Casualty 1945: John Antony Ronald Coulthard, Stalag XXA, Thorn

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    Antony had many friends at Stalag XXA, who yearned to find Tony's last resting place after the War. One special friend was Neill McLelland, who was beside him in the barn when he died. Neil's Grandson Colin Fulcher never forgot his Grandfather's wish. Colin made some searches for Antony Coulthard online and we met him through this Forum. He recently wrote this moving blog about the recognition of Antony's grave :
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    We're getting ready for the Grave Dedication Ceremony on 30th July 2015.
    Our family was asked to supply words for the named Gravestone. They briefed us to try and write in the language of Antony's nearest relatives in1945. So after much thought we settled on this:
    "A man of character, cheerfulness and nobility of spirit; loved & admired. So many owe him so much."
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    Thank you for your kind words about my Grandfather, Barbara.

    I am so pleased for you and your family, to know that Antony has now been found. My Grandfather would have been so happy to hear this news of his great friend, I will be very proud and honoured to stand beside you all representing Neil, in a few weeks time, seeing his wish come true.

    Well done to Steve, for all his hard work and determination in providing this closure for Antony's family. Much respect to you!

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    Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for sharing the Telegraph story.

    Hope all goes well on 30th July.

    Best wishes

    Steve Y
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    Congratulations to all involved, it is an excellent result!
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    We had the Grave Dedication today in Becklingen. How fitting was it that today's bugler was an Irish Guard? Picture here with Chris, Fred Foster's Grandson. View attachment 139384

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    And here's an early preview for our friends on WW2talk, of the very special moment, we thought might never happen. There was an official photographer, but you all see it first via our rough pics!
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    Steve at the named grave of Anyony Coulthard.

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    Me and our team of researchers:

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    I thought I recognised the name today - This was all over CWGC's Facebook feed today :)
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    Great to see the photos. Thanks again Barbara for sharing.

    :poppy: RIP Tony Coulthard

    Rank: Lance Corporal
    Service No: 5386215
    Date of Death: 24/03/1945
    Age: 26
    Regiment/Service:Intelligence Corps
    Awards: Mentioned in Despatches
    Grave Reference: 18. C. 2
    Additional Information: Son of Capt. John R. Coulthard and Dorothy M. Coulthard, of New Milton, Hampshire. B.A. Hons. (Oxon.). Exhibitioner, Queen's College, 1936. Heath Harrison Travelling Scholarship 1938-1939. Elected Laming Fellow of Queen's College 1939.

    CWGC Tony Coulthard.png
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    Great to see the CGWC page!
    Here's a photo of Steve in uniform today. He received an Army Intelligence award from the Duke of Edinburgh last week for his work on this story.

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  14. dbf

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    Great to see the headstone with the inscription you chose at the bottom
    - and Steve looking so smart in his uniform. Congrats on the award.
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    We are all very happy about the result. An Irish Guard was our bugler on the day. He added a great deal of glamour! In this photo is Chris (R) Steve's nephew who was one of our research team on our first visit to Germany. Thanks Chris! View attachment 139547 image.jpg
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    For everyone on this site searching for Graves- we were thanked so many times by the Army Intelligence people for finding Antony and alerting them to his story. For them, it's like the return of a family member. Antony' was one of the first imembers in this newly formed Corps; he embodied their values, from the beginning.
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    Good evening everyone,

    I have just returned from a 1500 mile round motorcycle trip to attend the rededication of LCpl Antony Coulthard's grave. I commenced the research on my Triumph Tiger, having visited Norway, Poland, Lower Saxony and Bavaria, and have now completed it in the same way; in total 30,000 bike miles conducting research. When I started this project four years ago, to find the grave of the man who rather than continue to freedom, returned to help my father, an act of courage which indirectly caused his death, I did not think it would end with the wonderful service we attended on Thursday.

    The Intelligence Corps padre conducted the service with dignity and style, and Corps members were smart, dignified and respectful as they laid one of their own family to rest; I cannot thank the Intelligence Corps and the MOD JCCC enough for all that they have done. Antony's headstone with his Intelligence Corps Insignia looked wonderful.

    I considered it important to wear my uniform, twelve years after leaving the Service I love, to salute the man on behalf of my father, whose act of friendship caused him to pay the ultimate price. I hope LCpl Coulthard and Sgt Fred Foster were looking down on us.

    Some photos of the day attached.

    With best wishes,


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  18. Tullybrone

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    I'm sure you have made both men very proud.

    Well Done.

    Steve Y
  19. BarbaraWT

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    Thanks Steve Y. We hope so!
  20. BarbaraWT

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