1. SDP

    SDP Incurable Cometoholic

    Ah, brilliant! Thanks. At least I now know its nothing to do with my new phone etc.
  2. Cee

    Cee Senior Member Patron


    I have now become one of those suffering from log-in wonkiness. No idea how to work around that but if you should not hear from me when necessary that could be the cause.

    To add: I'm on a Mac using Firefox which handles PWs and log-ins normally without issue, except here for some unknown reason ...?

    Later: Noticed that I can only log in on Home/Forum but if I move to Recent Posts I'm shown logged out. So must get to wherever I wish to post by moving from Home and avoiding Recent Posts, if that makes any sense. Highly inconvenient and hopefully only a momentary glitch. The same problem is also occurring in Safari which I never use for browsing.

    Regards ...
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  3. Red Goblin

    Red Goblin Senior Member

    Gotcha !?
    • Usernames have become case-sensitive
    • I used to get away with "red goblin"
    • But just mousing over a red flag would lately KO me w/o reason
    • But now "Red Goblin" seems to have fixed that idiocy
    • Passwords logically need to remain case-sensitive
    • Cache automatically cleared between sessions
    • Cookies similarly self-destruct c/o a browser extension
    Sorry about long list - for the sake of clarity - and let's hope it helps nail this unbridled server security madness !

    ... Wot, no solution feedback ?
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  4. Red Goblin

    Red Goblin Senior Member

    Talking of which, it was my Pale Moon PW list which drew my case anomaly to my attention just as I was beginning to wonder about such things.

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  5. SteveDee

    SteveDee Well-Known Member

    I haven't been able to log into the forum using my laptop for just over a week.
    I get a red banner message "cookies are required to log into this site..."
    ...so I go to Firefox cookie settings & 'whitelist' this site, but still no joy.
    I'm thinking that the message is not describing the real issue, so will play some more unless a better suggestion comes along.
  6. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    All I can offer is to repeat the advice to clear cache and cookies, as whitelisting them won't do it.
    I'm affected in similar ways to others and that's always worked for a week or three.
    Otto is about and starting to address some issues here & over at WW2F.

    I'm not going to explain full process of cache clear, as it's slightly different across multiple systems, but it takes seconds & this isn't a bad search start if you add your own particular browser:

    how to clear specific site cookies cache - Google Search
  7. SteveDee

    SteveDee Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your advice.

    Looking once again at this issue, I'm pretty sure that your site has recently turned a bit grumpy because I'm blocking a google Javascript library on that laptop. Its always been blocked, so not sure why its suddenly a problem. (Maybe another "I'm not a robot" issue.)

    But not to worry, its my problem, not yours.
  8. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    No. Definitely ours.
    The site is absolutely somewhat broken.
    Only clearing cache/cookies sorts it for a while.
    I've no access to server, hosting etc. to investigate (and wouldn't be much good if I had). The only buttons I can push are to do with the forum software itself.

    Talk of upgrades etc.
    We shall see.
  9. SteveDee

    SteveDee Well-Known Member

    My main laptop is screwed down pretty tightly to avoid as much crap as possible, as its used for important stuff like home banking. So I routinely block as much Javascript as possible and usually cookies too ...that's why I said its probably my problem.

    But I have an old laptop that I use that's wide-open (for my google blogs), so I'll probably just login to this forum on this machine in future when I feel the need to comment, rather than simply observe.

    BTW: if the site is due for an upgrade, it would be a really good idea to make it more secure (i.e. make the switch from http to https)

    Thanks once again.
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  10. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target Mist over Dartmoor

    Logging in is only part of the problem.
    I have begun apologising to new members seeking help with Service Records etc.
    I cant get back once I've researched their queries and we get out of synch with each other when there are more posting.
    The contact often drops out but is less problem late at night.
    Often get multiple copies of responses.

    Currently blaming the outage mentioned on the news.
    Think it really is at the moment, as the past week has been awful.
    The net seems to be overloaded.
  11. Gary Tankard

    Gary Tankard Well-Known Member

    As I mentioned in the previous post, I'm sure that a certificate on one of the web servers has expired or failed to renew.

    You will eventually get in when you are directed to a web server that has a valid certificate - most websites are load-balanced across multiple servers. Once you are in, most web servers have a form of 'stickiness' that assigns your connection to that server for a period of time. I was fine for a few weeks but recently had to do the try-and-login-a-hundred-times-dance, but once I was successful, everything has been fine.

    I would ask the web hosting company to check the certificate statuses on the hosting web servers, although I'm surprised they do not have automated certificate renewals (unless they do and it has failed, but this should have alerted).

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