Liverpool May Blitz 1941

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    Hi All

    The 70th Anniversary of the Liverpool May Blitz starts on 1st May this year.

    Due to the Wartime Website I created I have been contacted by a few people wanting to use parts of the site.

    On Monday I did an interview with The BBC for their news website. They wanted to talk about The Mill Road Hospital Bombing. It was great to do and brilliant to keep the victims memories going. I will tell you when it goes online.

    The local press are using stories from the website as well as a few other organizations in the area. Great advert for the website and lets hope it brings in more stories for me to add.

    Most of all though some of the stories are being told. They are not being forgotten.

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    Lived near Wrexham at that time. Remember the sound of the German bombers going over to Liverpool every night, also some of them getting caught in the searchlights. They would jettison their bombs so as to escape. We could see the glow from Liverpool.
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    The May Blitz, 1941

    The May Blitz on Liverpool, 1-7 May 1941, was the most concentrated series of air attacks on any British city area outside London during the Second World War.

    The German Luftwaffe caused enormous damage across the city

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