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  2. Mary Munnich SA

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    Hello my name is Mary..I have been looking for details of my father and came across your message Simon father was also Frederick Simon Davidsohn born 1899 in Roumania and yes he served in the French army and was a paratrooper..he became a British Citizen in 1935 ..he was in the British army and in intelligence..sorry to say I did not know much about him my Mother and Father separated when I was a baby..My Mother did mention he had a shop in Seville row ..but I recall he became a fruit importer and had a shop father had a brother Maxim and 2 sisters ..I find this all so fascinating that your message describing your father and my father are exactly the same..should you wish to respond to this my email is ..I thank you for reading this and wish you well..Mary.
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    Hi Mary,
    There is a closed file at The National Archives - HO 405/9706 - Nationality and Naturalisation: DAVIDSON, F S Date of Birth: 09.07.1899, DAVIDSON, L aka DAVIDSOHN Date of Birth: 27.09.1906
    I have e-mailed you.
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    Hi Mary,

    As Simon has not signed into the forum since 2012 I've sent him a message to alert him to your message. If he still has the same email address he ought to get the PM.

    You may wish to revisit your post and take out your email address to prevent it being harvested by spammers and the like.

    Good Luck.

    Steve Y

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