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    I’m new here and have often wondered if/where I can find any info regarding air raids on a particular date.
    My mother always claimed she was born in an air raid, in a thunderstorm on 8th June 1940, in Hayes.
    I was talking to one of Mum’s cousins the other day and said it seemed unlikely there was an air raid in a thunderstorm. He wondered whether it was a ‘Buzz Bomb’ and not planes.
    Does anyone have any thoughts on where I can find the information I’m looking for, please?
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    No buzz bombs operational in 1940.

    Bombing of London did not start until Aug/Sept 1940.

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  3. Gwynneth

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    Thank you, that’s interesting. I always thought my mother had a vivid imagination.

    ARPCDHG Member

    I'm afraid this story does not tie in with the dates or location.
  5. Gwynneth

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    Thank you. That’s what I suspected.
  6. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    It was thunder

    London weather for June 1940:

    June - Sunny, warm and rather dry.

    Mean Temperature 17.4°C

    Monthly Highest 29.8°C

    Monthly Lowest 10.5°C

    Total Sun 277 hrs

    Total Rain 31 mm

    Temperatures rose during the first week of June and it became very warm or hot. On the 8th, the afternoon high almost reached 30°C. The very warm weather continued into the middle of the second week, but it became thundery, and on the 9th, nearly 16mm of rainfall was recorded. During the remainder of June, high pressure brought many dry days, and it was mostly rather warm. However, the 23rd was a dull day, and the temperature only reached 16.6°C.
  7. Gwynneth

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    Thank you, so a localised thunderstorm would be possible due to the warm weather.

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