Lincolnshire - PoW Camps 1012 Canwick and 156 Heath

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    Okay, I have takena visit to the EH reported sites of two camps in Lincolnshire and I am interested in how far off the locations are betwwen what EH say and the actual location....

    1012 Canwick is according to Engliash Heritage is now Canwick planing field.
    There is nothing there to suggest or hint at the past.
    is this location correct or close ?

    Image 2019 10 7130.jpg

    156 Heath is an interesting one in that its the former RAF Wellingore.
    EH place the site as being in some trees.
    from the air you cannot see any thing but when you go in the woods you come cross the remains of what appear to be two mess halls and a binker and air raid shelter.
    whilst it is obvious to say that the site is ex-military and that it must have been one of the dispersed accommodation sites for wellingore the question is open as to if it actually is the PoW Camp site

    Image 2019 10 7156.jpg

    Image 2019 10 7195.jpg

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