Lieutenant R.N.V.R. Patrick George Troughton MiD (1920-1987)

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    To my generation, he is better known as the actor that played the 2nd incarnation of Dr. Who.

    In his biography, written by his son Michael, chapter 2 is devoted to his WW2 experiences. But even before he signed up, he managed to get blown up on a Belgian ship which was sunk south of Portland/Weymouth while crossing the Atlantic from the USA.

    As soon as he was old enough, he signed up and joined a Naval officer training scheme. Navigation theory was supplemented with some bizarre practical sessions. In Pat's words; "...navigational instruments lashed to a three-wheeler bicycle pulling a wheeled platform. It is quite the most ridiculous thing I have ever done, pretending to steer our "vessel" around a sea of grass and calculating the correct bearing to intercept the enemy."

    His men gave him the nickname "Lieutenant Cosy", because he wore a tea cosy on his head. This seems to have been prompted by his wife telling him to wear a hat when out on winter patrols.

    By all accounts, Pat Troughton had an eventful war, and went on to have an interesting life.

    A very good read: Patrick Troughton Special Anniversary Edition: The Biography
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    That's interesting. His biography only mentions MGB 603 & RML 514.
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    The 3rd actor who played Dr Who, ie reincarnated following Patrick Troughton's tenure, was Jon Pertwee. Joining up just prior to the start of WWII he spent much of his naval career during the war in Naval intelligence. He also had a long stint in the radio show 'The Navy Lark'.
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