Lieutenant Colonel Harry Hyem PHILPS, Court Martial

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    Does anyone know why Lieutenant Colonel Harry Hyem PHILPS was dismissed from the service by sentence of a General Court Martial on 21 May 1947? I can find no file available at the National Archives, and wondered if anyone knows the answer. He had been awarded an O.B.E. for his service in Italy, serving with the Royal Army Ordnance Corps. It was unusual for an officer of this rank to be dismissed, and I am intrigued to know why?

    Thanks, Rob PALMER
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    Interesting newspaper snapshot..... abundant of interesting news and advertising items of the time.

    Regarding the fraudulent practice.This financial irregularity is quite common in all occupations, a modus operandi which can be carried out when adequate procedures are not in place.

    Another interesting newspaper item is the one about the French use of ex German POWs in French Indo China.Postwar, some German POWs held by the French volunteered to join the French Legionnaires for service in Indo must have led to early release....reasons were varied...some may have decided to remove themselves from their past.
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    You are a star! I spent two frustrating days searching before coming to the Forum, so many thanks indeed. As Harry says, it is an interesting newspaper page in other ways. I use our local newspaper archive here in North Devon, but never expected to find the answer in the Chicago Tribune.

    Thanks again, Rob.

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