Libya / LRDG, "Strange Losses"

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    Chrichton Stuarts book "G.Patrol", on page 113, describes a -in my eyes- very strange occurence:

    "G1: 16-31 January 1942


    The Patrol had great difficulties in descending the cliffs into WADI TAMET and just as they had done so they were spotted at dawn by an enemy aircraft. Hunter at once dispersed the trucks, concealing them as well as possible in crevices in the cliffs, and ordered the crews to keep clear of them. They were bombed all day but only one truck was destroyed. When they reassembled in the evening, three men were missing, Guardsmen Smith and Anderson and the wireless operator.

    Four hours the Patrol waited, but they moved on when the moon rose early in the morning, as the operation was urgent and they were late."

    A) The area where they were was free of enemy ground forces; so one can exclude that the three missing soldiers were captured by the enemy.

    B) Although they were ordered to keep clear of their vehicles whilst bombed (logical!), I would not assume that they were searching for cover more than at maximum a few hundret metres away.

    C) I cannot imagine that the patrol was disperesed for more than about 1 kilometre.

    D) Were they really only waiting for their return or were they searching for them?

    F) How can they move on that easily if the W/T operator is missing - one of the most important members of such Patrol?

    What could have happened to these 3 LRDG men?


    ...neither SMITH nor ANDERSON are listed in the Roll of Honour of the "Allied Special Forces Association" - would this mean that they have survived?
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    I can't find any entries for Gdsm Smith or Anderson on CWGC site for January 1942.
    G Patrol was made up of men from Scots Guards & Coldstream Guards.
    Can't find either of them for that date.
    Looks like they survived.

    I wish I still had that book.
    I sold it years ago.

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