Leonard Sydney Jackson 5340500 15 Recce

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  1. MikeSou

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    Ok, I'll see what my Dad is happy to scan for me to post. He has his Dad's Phantom uniform patch around somewhere too.
  2. Car_Commander

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    I don't know if this is the right place to see show this, but thought that some members may like to see Cpl James MacDonald's battledress blouse. I also have a photo of Cpl MacDonald receiving the Military medal.


    Cpl MacDonald BD 15 Recce.JPG Cpl MacDonald BD 15 Recce - sleeve detail.JPG
  3. Recce_Mitch

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    Les thanks for posting Cpl McDonalds BD photos. Could you share the photo of him receiving the MM?

  4. Car_Commander

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    A photo of W/Cpl J McDonald receiving his M.M. from Gen Montgomerytaken by Sgt Mapham on 11th November 1945. The Investiture was held at the Crusader Garrison Theatre, Lubeck.

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  5. Car_Commander

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    I've found that I also have a photo of RSM A Ward receiving his M.M. at the same time.

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  6. Recce_Mitch

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    Les thanks for posting the photos of W/Cpl J McDonald & RSM A Ward receiving their MM's

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  7. John McDonald

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    Thanks for posting James McDonald MM was my grandfather.
  8. John McDonald

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    My dad has the Military Medal on the wall at home. It has gone around my grandads eight children over the years. The photograph was pride of place but I had never seen the full photograph until it was posted on here. Thanks. He was also blind in one eye due to an accident when he was young diving into a canal.
    I am biased but he was remarkable in an unsung way. L last weekend one of his children celebrated her 60th and all of grandads children were there the oldest 78.

    Maybe be the last time we are all together.

    Will try and post a photo of the medal on here.
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  9. Drew5233

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    Hi John

    One thing we don't see many of on here and that is photo's of gallantry medals still in family possession. Looking forward to seeing it.

  10. John McDonald

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    Hi, this medal was in my dad's for years and is now with my Uncle Peter in Manchester. It has been passed around the family for years. I remember as a young lad my grandad getting the medals out when we insisted.

    It was only years later after he had passed away that I realised the MM significance.

    It is pride of place and I feel proud to share it here.

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  11. Recce_Mitch

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    John thanks for posting the photo of your Grandad's MM.

  12. MikeSou

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  13. John McDonald

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    Re reading this thread on the 75th Anniversary of D day.

    My grandad was D day +21. James McDonald MM

    He never spoke about what happened to me but one of his daughters asked him what happened. He said he had just seen his best mate killed. God rest these men. I often wonder of the men killed who that was.
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  14. Thank you so much Car_Commander - I almost cried! RSM A Ward is my daddy! After Mummy died I coded gallery pages to honour my parents. During COVID-19 lockdown I have been re-coding the pages to make them more mobile friendly and researching more info.

    Major Albert Ward MBE MM The Royal Highland Fusiliers RHF

    Daddy didn;t have a photo of him receiving his MM so my heart missed-a-beat when i saw your post and the incredible photo! Thank you so much Car_Commander and I so hope you are still active in this forum

    Does any one else have photos of RSM A Ward / Sqn. Sergeant Major Albert Ward - he was 'C' Squadron, The 15th Scottish Reconnaissance Regiment or is best I open a new thread!

    Again thank you soooooooooooooooooo much Car_Commander
  15. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    That photo is on the IWM website here.
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  16. Thank you very much for the link - Owen . As I replied to Tony56, > I just recall, only twice Daddy talked about his WW2 experiences. Once when he had a few drams (of whiskey) very late one night, he did tell me how he got his MM and that's why the discovery of Car_Commander's post with daddy's photo receiving his MM from his hero General Montgomery made me almost cry.
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