LCT 602 at Walcheren October 1944

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    Good Morning

    My father, Acting Sub Lt George Geoffery Page was 2IC on board LCT 602 during the Walcheren landings during October 1944. He joined LCT 602 in early 1944 and they participated in the D-Day landings on 6 June 1944, going into the Nan Red sector of Juno beach with a full load of vehicles.

    He past away a few years ago but did mention that he also took part in the Walcheren landings (Operation Infatuate) in October 1944, without saying much about it (as most veterans did). LCT 602 was a LCT(4). I have done a bit of research and found the LCT 4's were grouped in 'N' LCT Squadron under Lieutenant-Commander B. K. C. Arbuthnot RN
    LCT(3) x 6 (4 Flotilla)
    LCT(4) x 30 (20,22 and 47 Flotillas)

    They were part of the Infatuate II landing at Westkapelle where the 4th Special Service Brigade and supporting 79th Armoured Divison specialist assualt engineers were put ashore.

    I have seen the eariler threads on this forum about the Walcheren landings but LCT 602 is not mentioned specifically.

    Can anyone enlighten me with some more details of LCT 602's part in the Westkapelle landings?

    Any information greatfully received.

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  2. Hello and welcome to the forum !

    On D Day LCT(4) 602 was part of 30 LCT Flotilla, N LCT Squadron and was planned to carry LTIN 1538 (see JUNO BEACH.). Your father George Geoffrey Page was then a Temporary Midshipman RNVR (seniority 11 November 1943). The July 1945 Navy List still has him holding this rank.

    As you found out yourself, LCT 602 is not mentioned anywhere as taking part in Operation INFATUATE II on 1 Nov 44, which means that if your father took part in it, he must have been on another craft by then, or maybe LCT 602 was a follow-up craft coming in later and thus not listed in the reports on the assault proper.

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    Been a member here for a long time, but don't post much.

    Yes I got out his service record and he only became a Temp Sub Lt in 1946 when he went to HMS Cotillion till he was demobbed in Dec 1946.

    My father and I talked quite few years ago now about some of his wartime experiences during which he mentioned the Walcheren operation which I assumed he was involved in, but I could not find anything about his personal involvement in any of his records that he passed on to me.

    Thanks for the confirmation Michel.

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    Hi Kiwi Red One,
    I was just reading a note from your father. He donated some materials to the Canadian War Museum in 1996 and I was just reading his attached letter.
    He signed "Geoff Page" and says he was a first lieutenant as a midshipman in LCT 602. He says in the letter to the CWM that his first destination was Nan Red but after landing about a third of their troops were diverted to Nan White.
    He writes: We put a bulldozer ashore on Nan Red, as I waved him away up the beach path he put his blade down and the German tracer machine gun fire struck it was deflected vertically. The driver was a Mexican who had fought in Spain and Abyssinia, he had six knives in his belt. I often wonder if he survived on D-day."
    Was Geoff originally from New Zealand or did he settle there after the war? Would love to hear some pre-history if you know it. Or if he kept a journal of the times. I have seen photos of LCT 602 on D-Day. The bulldozer story checks out as here is a cross-reference of the load...

    Serial 1538 is LCT4 602 carrying:
    1 x Bulldozer Class I and Fruehauf trailer with 2 man vehicle party - 3rd Canadian Field Park Company, RCE
    2 x M14 Halftrack with 16 crew - 19th Canadian Field Regiment, RCA Signal Section
    1 x Jeep and 10 cwt trailer with 2 crew - 19th Canadian Field Regiment, RCA Signal Section
    1 x 3 ton tipper with 2 crew - 59 Mechanical Equipment Section, RE
    2 x Dumpers with 4 crew - 59 Mechanical Equipment Section, RE
    2 x 3 ton Tipper with 4 crew - 26 Army Tipper Company 375/114 LAA Regiment, RA
    2 x Crusader SP 40mm LAA guns with 12 crew
    2 x Bofors 40mm LAA guns. Towed by Crusader SP's aboveā€¢ 28 men
    Plus 2 men and a balloon - 52 Balloon Unit, RAF

    Cheers, Glenn

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