Last Dambuster Pilot Dies

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    Les Munro, the last surviving Dambuster pilot died on Tuesday 4th of August aged 95 due to heart problems. Munro was also the patron for the New Zealand Bomber Command Association. Recently he offered to sell his medals to fund the maintenance of the Bomber Command Memorial in London however this thankfully wasn't necessary after Lord Ashcroft generously paid a donation to the memorial. Munro's medals are now with the Museum of Transport and Technology in Auckland.

    He flew a total of 58 operations.

    Kia Kaha (Stay Strong) and Lest We Forget

    Full story here;

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    RIP Les,sad news indeed.
  3. Dave Gibson

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    Sad news.

    I work with the unit that collaborated with the French Embassy here in NZ to have him invested with the French Legion D' Honeur in April for his service on D Day. The process is a protracted one, and I was relieved that he stayed around long enough to recieve it.

    A true worthy.
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    Sad News
    RIP Les Munro
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    Yes sad news indeed

    RIP Les Munro

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    RIP Les Munro
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    :poppy: Les Munro. RIP :poppy:
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    :poppy: Les Munro - bravery of the highest order and in the best spirit - a remarkable man - RIP :poppy:
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    :poppy: Les Munro. RIP :poppy:

    While it was reported in some bulletins that Les was 95 he actually turned 96 on April 5th this year.

    Never forgot his fellow crews and made sure the proceeds of the sale of his medals went to service the upkeep of the Bomber Command Memorial.

    Now there are only two left George "Johnny" Johnson (UK) and Fred Sutherland (Canada)
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    :poppy: Les Munro RIP :poppy:
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    I saw this News earlier in the day and thought how sad it was to see one of Last of the dambusters pass away.

    :poppy: Les Munro. RIP :poppy:

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    :poppy: Les Munroe. RIP :poppy:


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