Lancaster JB353 OL-F 2/3 Jan 1944 Berlin

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    I am a good friend of the nephew of P/O Ernest Blair Stiles and have spent the last 3 weeks researching his history including obtaining copies of the documents in his RAF File. It would appear that JB-453 was seen crashing into the ground already on fire and it burned for several hours in the early morning of January 3rd 1944 at Timmenrode, Germany.

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    Crashed during final bomb run Berlin 2/3 Jan 1944 i am researching as my Son in Law's Uncle was a crew member. I have info. Please contact
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    Hello James and welcome is this a general help in case any one passes by the forum.
    thank you

    another thread here JB453 OL-F

    Date: 03-JAN-1944
    Time: nigh
    Owner/operator: 83 Squadron Royal Air Force (83 Sqn RAF)
    Registration: JB453
    MSN: OL-F
    Fatalities: Fatalities: 7 / Occupants: 7
    Aircraft damage: Written off (damaged beyond repair)
    Location: Blankenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt - [​IMG] Germany
    Phase: Combat
    Nature: Military
    Departure airport: RAF Wyton, Cambridgeshire
    Destination airport:
    Takeoff at 00:05 hrs for an operation to Berlin.

    Possibly, the aircraft was damaged by night fighter pilot Hauptmann Berthold Ney of the Stab III./NJG 2 (based at Gilze-Rijen airfield in the Netherlands), who was flying a Ju 88 C-6.

    Accident Avro Lancaster Mk III JB453, 03 Jan 1944
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    HI Helen for info Sgt Dunlop Scottish born Glasgow 1st of 10 siblings. my son inlaw related Sgt Dunlop was his Uncle. am researching for him
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    A feature in some of today’s newspapers reports the weathervane has now been declared an official war memorial. Quite right.

    May it be many years before it is gifted to Wyton.

    Photo of the relatives at the unveiling of the associated plaque?
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    We located descendants for all of the crew. Many of them came to the unveiling of the Memorial plaque and others watched from abroad over the www. We have collated a huge file of information which includes copies of military docs, photos. Each crewman's family received one. Another will go to IBCC and ultimately one to PFF Museu at RAF Wyton. It was an awesome day.
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    A very interesting account of the loss of one of the many aircraft and crews that were lost in the attempt to take the battle to the German heartland until Europe could be invaded.

    The Battle of Berlin raged from November 1943 until the end of March 1944.In terms of aircrew losses, it was unsustainable for the RAF. The Berlin raids were then left to the RAF Light Night Striking Force headed by Mosquitos whose 4000 lb cookies were delivered at a less cost in aircrew than the heavy aircrew loses of the 4 engined heavies.

    No 83 Squadron and its sister squadron No 97Squdron were from No 5 Group. They were loaned to No 8 PFF against Harris's view, that there should not be elite squadrons. His argument being that Groups should provide their own pathfinders. Both squadrons returned to No 5 Group by April 1944.

    John Searby a former CO of No 83 Squadron wrote a good account of the Berlin raids entitled "The Bomber Battle of Berlin". He was involved in the thick of it.
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    Hi James. Sorry for the delay in answering. Please could you contact me on
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    Thanks Harry
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