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    This is mentioned in this thread.

    I don't agree with it.
    The following were initially assigned to beach groups and then to Line of Communications and were fully operational.
    5 Kings Regiment
    8 Kings Regiment
    6 Border Regiment
    7 E Yorks. Regiment
    2 Herefordshire Regiment
    1 Bucks. Battalion
    18 Durham Light Infantry
    1 Royal Berkshire Regiment
    4 Northants Regiment
    5 Royal Berkshire Regiment
    3 Monmouthshire Battalion

    That can't be right as 3 Mons were in 159 Bde , 11 Armd Div.
    A very active unit.
    1 Royal Berks were at Kohima with 2nd Div.
    The Battle of kOHIMA
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    Been on holiday so I am only now replying. You are correct in thinking that 1 Berkshire were not in 21 Army Group. 5 Berkshire were. Some careless slip which I am correcting.

    You are correct in thinking that 3 Monmouthshire were with 11 Armoured Division for most of the campaign but were replaced in early 1945. They went to the Lines of Communication. I dont have dates etc to hand.

    I will make it clearer that some of the battalions on the Lines of Communication were only there temporarily.

    Thank you for your contribution.

  3. 3 Mons left 159 Bde effective 3rd April 1945 according to Joslen, being replaced by 1 Cheshires who arrived 6th April 1945 (who in turn had been transferred from 115 Bde).

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    I disagree with the Herefordshire Regt which I think should be 2nd Bn Hertfordshire Regiment who were with 9 Beach Group

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