Kohima Casualties from 24 Reinforcement Camp

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    During the Defence of Kohima in March/April 1944 the garrison contained approximately 200 men of the 24th Reinforcement Centre which was located at Kohima. They were from various Regiments and Corps but were en route to their unit from locations in India. Going through the ‘Missing Men’ files I sometimes come across mention of men involved in the defence of Kohima who were either missing, killed In action, wounded or who survived unscathed and thought it would be good to have a thread to record their contribution to this vital battle.

    Edwards says that the Camp was in tents and located on the track to Merema. It would have had a small permanent staff under Lt Col Malcolm Hepworth of 16th Punjab Regt. However most of the men it contributed would have been in transit between Dimapur and Imphal either as individuals or in small groups, rather than in units. Some had been wounded in earlier fighting or had been in hospital due to sickness.

    It is clear in the documentation that some attempt was made to record the names of those involved and the casualties after the defenders were evacuated but I am not aware of the continued existence of any of those lists.

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    Serjeant, Service Number 10540487, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

    Died 01/04/1944

    Aged 31 - Son of Charles Henry and Ella Roberta Latham, of Isleworth, Middlesex.

    Latham CF REME Missing Believed Killed 1-14 Apr 1944.jpg Latham CF REME Missing Believed Killed 9 Apr 44 in 1946.jpg Latham Sgt C REME MIA.JPG

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    Well done Skoyen for taking up the cudgel on behalf of those from the Reinforcement Camps, in this case 24 Camp, whose vital input has almost been completely overlooked. As far as I know only two Rft Camps, 20 and 24 were caught up in heavy fighting during the Kohima and Imphal battles but proved their worth in both cases.
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    Others mentioned in this account: Northants Cas at Kohima Booth G Cpl p101950.JPG

    BOOTH, George
    Corporal; Service Number 3657926
    1st Bn. Northamptonshire Regiment

    Commemorated on Face 15 on the Rangoon Memorial as he has no known grave

    George Booth was the son of Thomas and Nellie Booth of Moreton, Cheshire. He was born on 6 Sept 1915. He married Bertha M Booth and in 1939 they were living in Walker household at 34 Reedville Grove, Wallasey. He was employed as plasterer and she was a domestic servant.

    He was declared ‘Missing – believed killed’ with a date of 9 April 1944 in 1944 and an article in the Liverpool Echo of 22 Sept 1944 asked for anyone who knew the circumstances of his death. In 1946 that was changed to ‘ on or shortly after 1 April 1944’.

    Booth George Portrait.JPG

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    JOSLIN, Oriel George

    Bombardier; Service Number 1753509
    28 Lt. A.A. Regt., Royal Artillery
    Died 10/04/1944
    Aged 35
    Buried Kohima Cemetery 11 C 19

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    CATCHPOLE Walter

    Gunner, Service Number: 6089814
    75 Lt. A.A. Regt., Royal Artillery
    Died 05 April 1944
    Age 22 years old
    Commemorated on RANGOON MEMORIAL, Face 2.

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