Kilts and the BEF 1940

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    Been a while since I had any time on forum - work, work! But as far as can see from the image here, it's one of the same series of photographs taken during the aftermath of La Bassee and the jocks are 1st Camerons. see earlier posts and pics.
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    Looking at the German to the immediate right of rightmost Brit (his helmet strap is across mouth). The German is walking away with his rifle slung with the barrel down across his back. His helmet looks as though he has a Battle Practice Band on it, as do the two soldier beyond him. What do you think and if you agree, then why would they be wearing them? I looked through one of my uniform books and find a picture of a German wearing a similar device in the Polish Campaign.

    Looking back at the British lads. Five years was a long time in a German POW camp. It must have been terrible.
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    that is lt. kenneth 'jock' strathearn, intelligence officer of d. squadron, g.p.r. he is 'lt. x' in hagen's book, who hagen assisted on piat against the daily stug attack on stationsweg in oosterbeek.

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    Pow on train. Photo from my collection.
    pow scot by train.jpg
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