Juno Beach - Bernieres sur mer

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    Reputed to be the first home liberated in France. Courtesy of the Queens Own Rifles.

    I spoke to the home owner in August 2007 and he was a most gracious gentleman. He seemed genuinely enthusiast about meeting another of what must be a steady parade of Canadians past his door every year.

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    Juno was the only beach I've set foot on, although we did have a picnic in the car next to Sword.

    I found out then that the beach group on Juno were men of The Royal Berkshires.

    >>> Normandy Landing
    extract from that website....
    The sector of assault in which the battalion were concerned extended east and west of the seaside village of Bernieres-sur-Mer, on the coast of Calvados. The battalion were among the first ashore. The leading troops were met by the cross-fire of machine-guns hidden in the sand-dunes, the shelling of mortars, and the more distant artillery. As men fell others stepped up and forced their way forward through the barbed-wire entanglement, across anti-tank ditches, into Bernieres, 400 yards ahead. The battalion reconnaissance sub-units, following after, fought for their positions on the beaches, against the enemy posts left by the assault troops whose job lay ahead.


    >> Bernieres-sur-Mer in Normandy 1944
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    Hi Canuck,

    Great pics and thanks for posting them.

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    Hello Canuck,

    Your then and Now picture is excellent, also Pauls.
    Thanks for posting them.

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    Hello, one Canuck to another -- I am in the Sault. Good bunch here, and very informed. Humble too!.

    I had the privilege of having tea in the QOR house in '07 on June 6 following the morning ceremonies. Lovely people.

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    Militray cross -
    Phil - tried to PM you regarding BC Dragoons Button but you are apparently not known - must be the air around Sault St Marie - PM me - I appear to be known - as long as they keep it away from the RCMP...

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    I'd read about the 'chert' beach at Dieppe, which prevented the Calgary Tanks from advancing, but seeing is believing. Only after seeing, touching and trying to walk across those stones did I truly understand.

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    Hi Canuck -
    that is why many of the ends of Aircraft landing strips have a few yards of gravel - stops ' em dead ! most of the Churchill Tank tracks were the wrong size for those stones so they couldn't make it...but the better drivers did well to get as faras they did.


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    I was reading the other month the Germans captured quite a few Churchills at Dieppe and tested them out (They hadn't seen the tank before Dieppe). The results were not very impressive from a German point of view and didn't see it as a very good tank. That was to be proven wrong on D-Day according to the book with all the funnies that were adapted to cope with all the different problems that may be encountered on the beaches.

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    Kind of a poetic justice to that don't you think?
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    Drew -
    While it is true that the Germans were not too impressed with the first Churchils - (who was ? ) - the Churchill was under review to be dis continued but they were saved because of an outstanding job at - particularly Longstop Hill in North Africa - where the Germans didn't bother to set up anti-tank guns as they didn't think any tank could climb the hiils - Gerry Chesters "B" squadron of the North Irish Horse proved them wrong by supporting the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders to the very top.

    It was also the 4th troop of the 48th RTR in 21st Brigade that killed the first Tiger in North Africa - that now stands restored at Bovington, Dorset.

    Three brigades of Churchills did an outstanding job in Italy although still armed with a six pounder gun - especially at the Hitler/Gustav lines with the Canadians and all three bdes were active at the Gothic Line and the winter campaign - never saw a 75MM gun until the last kicks in Italy. Never got the funnies until January '45 - the 51st RTR from the broken up 25th Tank bde were converted to all funnies and made up the first Armoured / Engineer battalion.

    so it didn't surprise me that they did well on D Day in Normandy

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    Reputed to be the first home liberated in France. Courtesy of the Queens Own Rifles.

    To quote the plaque situated outside the house, it was actually the first house to be liberated by SEABORNE forces. The first house to be liberated was the home of the Gondree family next to Pegasus Bridge.

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