John Chilver - Royal Engineers 38 field 1940-1946

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    I'm trying to find out more about my grandad's time in the royal engineers. He died in 1992 before I was born and he never really spoke about the war once he returned anyway.

    I've learnt more about the Royal Engineers from reading accounts online and I've seen how helpful people have been on this forum and wondered if anyone out there could help me build up more of a picture.

    His name was John Frederick Chilver. He was born in 1919 and was married to Florence Grace Chilver).

    I have information from his release leave certificate which is hopefully somewhere to start.

    It says he was last serving with 38 field (corps or company) RE.
    He enlisted on March 15 1940 and the release leave certificate is dated April 27 1946.

    If there's anything you can tell me or anywhere you can point me to find out more please let me know!

    Thank you!
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