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  1. Hi,

    As part of a wider project I need to find out all I can about the 67th IR.
    They fought primarily in Burma and were part of the 15th Division. During the war they had their HQ in a town called Tsuruga.

    I'm told men from Tsuruga would therefore have joined this regiment. I need to find out which other towns and villages the men from this regiment would have come from.

    Does anyone have any tips or advice about how to go about researching this?
  2. JohnS

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    The only other towns around there are Mikata and Nanjo. It is my understanding that the 15th only had 2 infantry brigades/regiments so they could have easily of drawn the entire light division from Tsuruga.
    FYI: I am currently researching the Imperial Japanese Army engineers and I do know that the engineer regiment was a Type C, which means that it support only 2 brigades/regiments.
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    Maybe you have done this already: have you gone to the city's website and hit the English button (which I've found on all of the Japan sites that I've been on so far). If you know Japanese even better. From there you can send a request for the information that you seek. I find that the Japanese are very helpful and they might be able to send you to a local historian. Good luck!

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