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    When I was younger I collected autographs of the veterans visiting Arnhem/Oosterbeek. In my small notebook I found the autograph of Jack Campbell, Royal Medical Corps, dated 1994.

    I am looking for pictures/stories and personal items of the brave forces landing in Wolfheze and fighting in Oosterbeek/Arnhem area. Unfortunately I could not find any personal things about mr Campbell. I am interested in photo s during WO 2, especially 1944 (digital or prints). And of course his memories of 1944-1945.

    Could you help me with this ?

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    You will be very lucky to find any definite military information on the men in these autograph book posts without an army number for the man concerned.

    The vast majority of UK military records are not in the public domain.

    I appreciate you had a hit on the name and regiment from your previous post from the UK Casualty list but without an army number you can’t be sure it is the same person in your autograph book.

    Good Luck

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    Thanks for your reply Steve. I already identified 15 veterans, with photo's and stories.
    I hope to find more.

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