Irish soldiers at Siege of Jadotville 1961.

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    My mate said his Dad was there too.
    He invited there by the government, we suspect much Guiness was drunk by the old lads when they got together.
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    My mate just posted these on Facebook , of the Jadotville Memorial in Athlone.

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    I forgot to post this earlier.
    Funeral heldof Jadotville war veteran - Longford Leader

    Paddy Monaghan from Edgeworthstown was laid to rest at Aughafin Cemetery with military honours following his funeral mass

    Paddy joined the army in 1959 and fought side by side with his brother Noel at the Battle of Jadotville which took place in the Congo in 1961.

    He spent six months in the Congo in A Company and gave 22 years of service to the Irish Army. He was a member of the 35th Infatory Battilion and he died last week at the age of 68. He also served tours of duty in Cyprus
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    yes there is , my father also served in the congo and was taken prisoner there , the name dykes you refer to is private anthony dykes , born 12/11/1941 ,hope this
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    Cheers for that, this is quite an old thread now & since starting it have met my mate's Dad a few times.
    Thanks anyway.
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    I think this action should rank with Roarks Drift. Cheers to the Irish soldiers and shame to the Irish Defense Force for not recognizing them, and more shame to the UN for mishandeling the entire mess.
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    I was Trawling through utube and came across this film quite by chance , and remembered this thread , hope it is of Interest to the Irish Army buffs

    Irish peacekeepers - Congo - YouTube

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    It was very spooky to see my Dad in that youtube clip, if only for a couple of seconds.

    Adding a photo from Dad's album, (which I posted on another thread)

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    Hi my dad was part of the siege of jadotville privet myler and would realy like to get him reconized so if anyone could help me i would be so greatful thank you
  12. Owen

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    see image in one of my earlier posts, your dad's name is on there.

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    Thank you very much
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    This new film is now available to watch via Netflix and is worth viewing. It tells the true story of a company of Irish soldiers who are dispatched from Eire to Katanga in the Congo in the early 1960's on a UN operation where they are based at a small mining town called Jadotville. They become caught up in a dispute between the leadership of the Katanga region and the UN and become besieged by over 2,000 mercenaries based around a core of French ex-Legionnaires who launch numerous attacks against the Irish outpost. I won't say much more as I don't want to spoil the tale but if you are looking for a film to fill a spare 90 minutes or so then this is a good choice.

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    Just watched the film

    The Siege of Jadotville: How the bravery of Irish UN soldiers was shunned
    However, behind the glitz of the Hollywood sheen placed on this story lies the shameful post-conflict treatment of the Irish combatants by Irish Army top brass after they returned from Africa. The battle which took place in September, 1961 has drawn comparison in its scale with the British defence of Rourke’s Drift - an event of course immortalised in the film ‘Zulu’. And, as always seems to be the case with conflicts down the historical ladder of the centuries, whether by accident or by design, a Derry man was in thick of the action in the Congo.

    Read more at: The Siege of Jadotville: How the bravery of Irish UN soldiers was shunned

    The Siege of Jadotville: How the bravery of Irish UN soldiers was shunned
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    Just watched the film, couldn't help thinking of ZULU at times.
    A dramatisation of events than a pure 100% accurate documentary but good to see them remembered.
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    Watched it and liked it.

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    My grandad james traynor was servinig in 1960 company a 2nd motor squadront helped find private 57 Jenny. Any pictures and information would be great thanks
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  20. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

    Just watched this film and really enjoyed it.
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