International Brigade, Spanish Civil War 1936-39

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    The Spectator has a review too, with a very neat end citing the author.

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  3. Nice to see that Motherwell got the spelling of ¡No pasarán! right, with the starting inverted exclamation point (and the accent on the last "a"), whereas Belfast forgot both :D

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    BBC World Service - Witness History, The Fall of Madrid

    "The Fall of Madrid
    Witness History
    In 1939, the Spanish capital, Madrid, finally fell to the fascist forces of General Franco – spelling the end of a brutal Civil War in which hundreds of thousands of troops and civilians were killed. The city had been under siege for more than two years and had become a symbol of resistance for the defeated Spanish Republic. Simon Watts has been listening to the memories of Rene MacColl and William Forrest, two British war correspondents who reported from Madrid."
    PHOTO: Franco's troops entering Madrid in 1939 (Getty Images)
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    I'd seen the graffiti on Facebook, the positive is that as well as the guy who cleaned it up there were a few others who turned up a little later to do the same, so some community spirit
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