Information request: Sgt George Coe, 164 battery, 59th (The Essex Regt) HAA Regiment

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    Sometime during the early 1940s, my dad and George Coe became mates, remaining good friends until the day dad died in 1997.

    One of my many regrets, associated with my lack of knowledge about my dad's WW2 years, concerns George.


    Photo: from L-R, 1944; Sgt A.Davis, Sgt G.Coe, 1994; George Coe, Alec Davis & Jim Webb

    George and one other of dad's ex-serviceman mates made the journey across country to Benfleet for dad's funeral. I can remember talking all-to-briefly to these guys in our kitchen. But with so many guests, I didn't give them enough time, didn't ask about their friendship with dad, or about any wartime stories ...what a dummy!

    So I'm now hoping (with your help) to fill in a few blanks about George; e.g. service number, date of birth and (if applicable) date of death.

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