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    I am researching the Red and Blue Stop Lines in Wiltshire and Oxfordshire in 1940 and 1941 which were manned in part by the Infantry Training Centres of the Wiltshire Regt (Devizes), the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry (Cowley) and the Berkshire Regt (Reading). I am trying to find records of these (mainly at TNA, Kew) for 1940-1 but without much luck. Anybody know where to find them or other sources of info on them?

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    WO 166 (Home Forces) has some ITC war diaries, but not those three.

    If they've not been retained at Kew, it might be worth contacting the museums or County Record Offices to see what they have?
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    Thanks to Idler for the list. I had tried this and as you say they are not there! The 308th ITC was at Devizes (I think - seem to have seen a reference to them somewhere) so I will look in that one altho the dates are a bit early.

    WO 199/1809 Works Services: Stop Lines: Oxford is a thin file with some correspondence on the Oxford Canal Stop Line which ran north from Oxford towards Banbury.

    I'll try the Record Offices and Regimental Museums to see if they have anything.


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