Indian Army Sujan Singh Uban winner of the Miltary Cross?

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    I have encountered this man during research into the Indian Long Range Squadron, after finding two references to him:
    From: Long Range Desert Group

    Secondly, this article after the recent Sino-Indian border clashes:
    From: On The Roof Of The World, The Shadow Of The Celestial Snow Lion

    There are multiple Google traces for him, alas they all seem to refer to one source - as a brave soldier who founded the Special Frontier Force. Mention is made of the 22nd Mountain Regiment, research found this unit was captured at Singapore in 1942 and was reformed to fight in Burma.

    I cannot identify the award of a Military Cross, nor find his obituary. My memory recalls a thread here on all those awarded the M.C., alas unable to locate that.
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    Is this a possible or am I totally off the mark -


    Post deleted - I was off the mark - wrong person
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    Yes, that is him. Missing though is confirmation of his M.C.

    It is not the first time I have researched Indian Army officers and encountered the lack of records. Yes, I have checked the Official Gazette. Given his role I am puzzled there is no readily found obituary.
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    The unit captured in Singapore was 22nd Mountain Regiment of the Indian Artillery, which was part of 11th Indian Division.

    I couldn't find any reference that Sujan Singh Uban received a MC during the ww2, either on TNA or London Gazette sites. There is couple of Sujan Singh, one of which was Subedar and served with 15th Punjab Regiment in Italy, while all others are IORs. But no Sujan Singh Uban among them.
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    I plan after a few days to contact some Indian military historians in case they can help. Thanks all!
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    Hi did served with Artillery, both in the British Indian Army and after independence in the Indian Army. Only awards I could find are Param Vishisht Seva Medal (PVSM) and Ati Vishisht Seva Medal (AVSM). I doubt that he is awarded MC. I found this list for those awarded with AVSM. All those who where awarded a MC have it listed beside their names. Sujan Singh Uban does not have it listed beside his name.

    And also on his letter to the Chief of Army Staff and the Chief of Air Staff he signed with listing PVSM and AVSM but again no MC

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    Thanks to a helper attention has been drawn to the fact that Uban wrote two books, neither cover his WW2 military career.

    The author of ‘The Dalai Lama: An Extraordinary Life’ by Alexander Norman (published 2020), on pg.377 refers to Singh and in a footnote (No. 228) via Google Books refers to:
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    For what it’s worth, I don’t see any reference to a Sujan Singh Uban in Indian Recipients of the Military Cross by Sushil Talwar.

    The Sub. Sujan Singh of 15 PR whom Sol mentioned above apparently got the IOM (LG Aug. 23, 1945).

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    Thank you for checking that book.

    Via an Indian contact I learnt that Sujan Singh Uban took part in Burma Campaign; he never received the Military Cross. His brother took part in the war in North Africa. He did not get MC either.

    I have accordingly updated my research paper on the ILRS dismissing the online references to Sujan Singh Uban having any role in the ILRS and not holding the MC.

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