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    Let me note if it’s any help grandfather was frequently reporting to the UK base centres here in Cyprus for his pension .

    I already contact them asking for any clues but unfortunately they couldn’t help .
  2. Chris2929

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    I will write to the Cyprus archive and see if I get get something,
    Maybe they will know the military hospital name or even have a record of it .

    Thank you for the recommendation
  3. Chris2929

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    I just contacted my uncle and found out some more details if they may help

    Grandfather was arrested again after he reached France .
    He was definitely at Belgium and France never went to Palestine.

    He was a prisoner and Germans were torturing them my putting their Heads in between cannons and then shooting the cannons .
    Grandfather had a brain damage and couldn’t remember much after that and also his hearing wasn’t well either .

    He remained a prisoner until war was over and he was handed to England with the rest of the remaining soldiers.
    He wasn’t talking much for those days , but the story with the nurse it’s just been confirmed by uncle and cousin.

    Grandfather passed May of 1991
  4. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Chris if you are in Cyprus

    I can call the number I provided to you and ask the question about your Grandfathers service in the army and see if they can give any help on the way forward
    I can do this next week and will update the thread accordingly

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  5. Chris2929

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    I am in Cyprus yes .

    I would very much appreciate any help .
    I couldn’t thank you enough .

    I’m sorry if I have been too emotional.
    He is my Hero and so so dear to me ,
    I find so heartbreaking and hard what he actually went through
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    After that response - as they say in Dragons Den

    I'm out

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  7. Chris2929

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    I’m sorry I overreacted .
    It has been very emotional for me ,
    Please know that any efforts made by you to my search are very appreciated and I’m sorry for my spontaneous react .
    I have been very overwhelmed by this , that’s all.
    I didn’t mean to insult one or the try to help me .

    regards ,
    Christiana .
  8. 51highland

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    Could it be this guy from R.A.S.C.Army number CY/709. Also found this artillery attestation, he never turned up.!!

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  9. Chris2929

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    I have kept his books he used to write poems and songs ,
    and Could this be his hand writing on the last one you think ?
    I will attach one paper so you could see it .
    This is very touching thank you for sharing .

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  10. Chris2929

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    They way he connects the letters looks very much like his hand writing !
    He spoke fluent English, Turkish and Greek .
  11. Chris2929

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    May I ask what does R.A.S.C stands for

    Thank you !
    This is very overwhelming.
    It does bring tears I must say .
  12. Owen

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  13. Chris2929

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  14. Chris2929

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    If it adds up to any information grandfather received all war metals of war by Herself ,Her Majesty the Queen (I don’t know dates I assume before he returned home)
    It all got stolen by Turks on 1963 when my grandmother was shot outside their home for refusing to leave their property and for being accused for being an informer of the greek Cypriots army .
    She was buried with military honours .
    That left my father and uncle(9 yrs, 4 yrs old) to the hands of the local orphanage due to the grandfather s unable condition to take care of them.
    He was given accommodation and lived in Nicosia after 1974 war.
    This search means really so much to me and everyone’s efforts to help is been so very touching and overwhelming.
    I Thank and Appreciate all of you .
  15. Chris2929

    Chris2929 Member

    Father passed two years ago after a long dreadful 27 year battle with brain tumours and brain surgeries .
    Uncles physiological condition also not well since he was the one that found his dead mother ( therefore he avoids any sentimental conversation or encounter of any kind )
    This is the whole story.

    And here I am searching for this person ,
    i wish and hope she is well .
    And maybe looking for us too and not have given up.
  16. vitellino

    vitellino Senior Member

    Hello Highland 51. What exactly would this have meant in 1942?

    I notice that in the document showing Cypriots in Italian hands the person with service no.709 was being held in PG 62, which was at Grumellino, Bergamo, in northern Italy, a stone's throw from the foothills of the Alps. I will try to follow this up,

  17. 51highland

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    That is a document registering him in the Royal Artillery, I assume he would have been arrested if he was found. Not sure what 'Dummy' means though. I doubt it was the same man as '709'.
  18. minden1759

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    If he was RASC - Royal Army Service Corps, then that would make sense if he was working with donkeys/mules.

    The Mule Companies were operated by the RASC.


  19. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Contacted and was given email below for you to mail your query

    please note the AT should be @
    email the below with your query

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  20. Chris2929

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    Thank you very much for this .
    I will email immediately .



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