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Discussion in 'WW2 Museums. Events, & places to see.' started by Nick, Jan 16, 2006.

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    Quality effort there Clive. Must get up there again soon.
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    The "Tamzine" boat is my favourite subject.
  3. kopite

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    797B57AA-51EB-4DED-BC7B-492DD762D36C.jpeg A54254A6-B4D9-453C-8399-2B729D57D105.jpeg 29A50B4E-6736-4E58-AEAC-F5D7D54B1EF7.jpeg F78E487E-B4C3-4860-93DA-E59F4D3D3B40.jpeg Just back in the US after a quick visit home to watch the Champions League semi-final. I managed to squeeze in a visit to IWM North in Manchester. A bit disappointing to be honest.

    Considering the size of the place, there are not that many exhibits and some poor lighting makes it difficult to read some of the letters from people who’ve served in the various conflicts on display.

    Lots of militaria, but apart from the Mathilda, T-55 and the Harrier, not that much in the way of armour or military hardware.

    I thought the concentration camp display was quite stunning and brought home the inhumanity of the treatment given to the internees.

    Also took in the LS Lowry gallery, which is just across the bridge within walking distance and well worth a visit.

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