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    Who's the British officer at 10.16.54 I wonder? Looks pretty senior and the accompanying details indicate he's a general.
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    The legend in German describes the British officer as "englischer General mit roten Streifen an seiner Mütze", that is "the british general with red bands on his peaked cap".
    The German officer is major general Edwin Graf von Rothkirch. He was the commander of 442nd Landesschützen Division ( z.b.V. 442). Their tasks were: securing roads, railroads, and river crossings, evacuation of prisoners of war by local defense units under the supervision of Div.Kdo. z.b.V. 442, control of refugee movements.
    At 10:13:25 Abbeville is mentined, at 10:15:35 Rouan. 442nd Landesschützen Division advanced into France on the 3rd of June 1940 and was placed in the vicinity of Cambrai, Hesdin, Abbeville. Then, on the 14th of June 1940, the unit moved to the new area: Mauquenchy and Neufmarche to Doullens, Verneuil to Saint-Omer. So, somewhat about those days the discussed part of video could have been filmed.
    Two more links as to major general Edwin Graf von Rothkirch. As ye sow, so shell ye reap... der Kavallerie Edwin Graf von Rothkirch und Trach.htm
    File:Captured Edwin Graf von Rothkirch und Trach.jpg - Wikipedia

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    Only recently joined and I was looking through your photo collection with interest, particularly if you have any of POW's from the Norway campaign, my uncle (above) served with 1st Battalion the Green Howards. From reading his service record and books about the campaign, it looks likely that he was taken prisoner during the disastrous night move back to Otta, the battalion lost the best part of a company during the concentration phase when these men were apparently left behind. After capture he went to Stalag XXI A-D. Its difficult to work out which but was working in a glass factory prior to his release by the Russians in 1945.
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