I Would appreciate some help with my dads service record.

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  1. Good evening all,

    I have recently been sent my late fathers full service and would like some help/information. I have conducted some research and learnt that from 10.7.1493 he was posted with the 252nd battery that landed on George Beach in Operation Husky. He stayed with 252nd through the invasion of Italy.

    What I would like too know is his whereabouts pre 1943 - his records suggests that he was moving and changing batteries often, is this common? I would upload his service record, but I'm having issues with the file size.

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    Was it a Field, AA, AT or Medium Battery etc?
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    If you need to resize your files there are plenty of sites that will resize your images.
    Just Google ''photo resizer''
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  4. Looking at it, primarily LAA. I will try save the photos on another format.
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    I did think it may have been a AA unit as there was a 252 Heavy AA Battery and a 252 Light AA Battery in Italy.
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    If he was with a 252Bty before Sicily, then mention of a 252 HAA Bty crops up regularly in the 22nd AA Brigade Diary covering their time in North Africa immediately after landing in late November 42. My fathers RASC unit has several mentions of supplying both 252 HAA Bty and 80th HAA Regiment up to May 43 while they were in Tunisia. 80th HAA and 252Bty were also involved in London's AA defenses earlier in the war but if he moved frequently this may be of little value.
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  7. sr-1 (800x450).jpg

    SR 2 (800x450).jpg

    SR 3 (800x450).jpg

    SR 4 (800x450).jpg

    Full Service History Jo Lee (800x450).jpg
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  8. Easier then I thought.

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