How to read captions in German photos/Help in reading photo captions.

Discussion in 'The Third Reich' started by raut, Jul 11, 2021.

  1. raut

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    DSC07827.JPG DSC07830.JPG Many topics were raised in the open spaces of the forum, but in my opinion there is a topic that will be useful to many.The Zütterlin typeface was taught from 1915. From 1935 to 1941 it was the main.
    How to read German lettering?, because they are very different from the printed text.
    I propose to connect to this topic experienced people.
    Help read the name of the city.
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  2. ltdan

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    What I can decipher:
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  3. dbf

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    (It's not clear but if you're also looking for a 'how-to', I don't think you're going to get one.
    In my (almost lapsed) experience it takes practiced familiarity, often some context and not a little bit of luck.
    As for place names, there is also the added encumbrance of German versions/spellings.)

  4. raut

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    schrift_1.jpg schrift_3.jpg Here are the font samples.Let's try to master them.
  5. dbf

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    (These fonts are fine as pointers but don't really help with a fully cursive script - the vagaries of the individual handwriting, neatness, etc. If it were that simple, no one would need to ask for help. As with Copperplate for the English, some native German speakers would need help so it isn't that straightforward.

    It's fortunate that there are a few members here who might be able to offer assistance but remember: you are on a forum which is, in the main, Commonwealth based.)

    Post what you have and let's see what can be deciphered...
  6. raut

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    Help decipher this photo. DSC06820.JPG DSC06821.JPG
  7. JDKR

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    26.5 Brimfhnnnnmm mmm Kfmmnnmng

    As to what it means I'm not 100% sure.
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  8. Gary Tankard

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    26.5 Kirchturm vom Flexxxry? (Fleury?) (Church tower of xxxxx)

    Is that date 26th May 1940?
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    Slightly tangential, but a capacity to read and write in German script was a skill sought after by those involved in prisoner of war camp escape activities, particularly document production. Signatures and other details could often be penned in script:
    Forged documents tended to be at a premium and would only be completed shortly before use. No margin for error there, but specimen examples prepared for copying - in addition to being very well secreted when not being used - could often feature intentional errors, to mask sourcing and/or the quality of the final end product, particularly home-made stamps.

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  10. Owen

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  11. I agree on Kirchturm. The rest looks like
    "von Schevenrey", the last letter possibly also a badly shaped "g" (Schevenweg?).
    Schevenweg does exist :)
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  12. raut

    raut Active Member

    Schevenweg what's this?street?
  13. Kirchturm von....JPG Good gracious, I say, this is a job for Hut 6! We need epigraphists for this :wacko:

    We have to take into account the possibly approximate, or even dyslexic, transliteration of local names into Teutonic script by the writer...

    Are the photos all dated, or in an album? in that case, their respective positions should give indications of, at least, the countries.

    If in France, it could be Cheverny, or Chavenay
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  14. raut

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    Friends, help decipher the name of the settlement. DSC07322.JPG

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  15. Apparently, Lieschenbach
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  16. raut

    raut Active Member

    Michel Sabarly Many thanks for your help.I also ask you to help with this photo.The photo shows the same faces as in the first one.
    Help decipher the inscription. DSC07946.JPG DSC07947.JPG
  17. Second word = Gimbsheim
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  18. First word looks like Stamgg, but this doesn't make much sense, unless it's some kind of abbreviation or soldier's slang for Stamm-something.

    Have you tried the Axis History forum?
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  19. raut

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    Please give a link where I could post a similar topic.

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