Horse Guards, Grenadier Guards & Irish Guards Casualties: Help with circumstances of death

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    We are still searching why Corporal Raymond Frederick Knight died. He was from the Royal Horse Guards. He died in Essel a small village.
    We know that Chatfield, Randell and Wilson died in Bevern.
    And we are still searching what happened to Guardsman Colin Godfrey Wray from the Grenadier Guards and what happened to Guardsman Edward Charles Marsh from the Irish Guards. Maybe anyone of you knows more?!
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    Moved to separate thread from 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards, GAD, Tank Casualties, 1945

    Casualty Details | CWGC
    Service Number: 5958525
    Regiment & Unit/Ship
    Royal Horse Guards
    Date of Death: Died 01 May 1945
    Age 24 years old
    Buried or commemorated at BECKLINGEN WAR CEMETERY
    Grave Reference: 7. A. 1.
    Location: Germany
    Additional Info: Son of Thomas and Marion Knight, of Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex.
    Personal Inscription: "O THOU, WHO CHANGEST NOT, ABIDE WITH ME"

    Separate thread for
    Casualty Details | CWGC
    Service Number: 2615834
    Regiment & Unit: Grenadier Guards, 1st Bn.
    Date of Death: Died 30 April 1945
    Age 25 years old
    Buried or commemorated at BECKLINGEN WAR CEMETERY
    Grave Reference: 7. A. 12.
    Location: Germany

    Separate thread for
    Casualty Details | CWGC
    Service Number: 14784080
    Regiment & Unit: Irish Guards, 3rd Bn.
    Date of Death: Died 02 May 1945
    Age 18 years old
    Buried or commemorated at BECKLINGEN WAR CEMETERY
    Grave Reference: 7. A. 9.
    Location: Germany
    Additional Info: Son of Thomas and Maria Jane Marsh, of Walton-on-the-Hill, Tadworth, Surrey.
    Personal Inscription:
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    Thanks for helping me!
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    Here are some pictures of the memorial stones that we put up in March 2021 for all the british soldiers who died in our community or close by. If anyone of you knows something about the soldiers or their families please contact me debbie.buelau(at)
    We know most of the circumstances but not from every soldier. We found relatives from Frank Lock and Robin Tudsbery but with the rest we need help.
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    Cpl Knight's death at Essel on 1 May 45 does not compute, especially if it was a death in action. The fighting in the Essel area (a village in the triangle of land near the confluence of the Aller and Leine rivers) ended on 10 April and involved infantry and armour from 11th Armoured Division, VIII Corps. As Cpl Knight was a 'Blue' (nickname for RHG) he would have been with 2 HCR, part of Guards Armoured Division, which was affiliated with either XII or XXX Corps during the final weeks of the war and operating well to the north of Essel. I can see no reason why he would have been in the Essel area. Perhaps there is either another Essel in NW Germany or the place name has been confused with another location. Apologies, Debbie B, for being the bearer of negative information but perhaps it might help focus your research elsewhere. Where did the information come from that the died in Essel? Best wishes.

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    Wray and Marsh were concentrated from Kutenholz


    Possible Knight was buried as a casualty from a hospital or casualty clearing station

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    Not helping with your question but this photo I have ties in with the memorial stone for Tudsbery, Cameron and Woodfield

    tudberry cameron woodfield.JPG
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    This Essel is a district of the municipality of Kutenholz in the district of Stade (Lower Saxony).
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    According to the casualty lists 5958525 KNIGHT was accidently killed, WRAY and MARSH both killed in action.
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    Thanks John, but that is not the Essel I mean. The Essel I wrote about is close to Kutenholz and Stade in lower Saxony in Germany. I have Documents and an old man who still remembers the graves of the soldiers. All the soldiers that we remind died in Kutenholz area or where burried there. Some of them where burried in Harsefeld but died in Kutenholz. We did a lot of searching so I know that I am right. All of them are now burried in Becklingen War Cemetery only two of them have no grave infact of the heavy explosion of the seamine was nothing left of them. It is really sad. Some of the death certificates can be find in the Arolsen Archives. They can be find online
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    Thanks...I know this list too. It might be that he was wounded and died on the way to the Lazarett in Kutenholz
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    Thanks very very much for this picture. Can you tell me where you found it and who has the copyright for it? This picture is very interesting for us. Are we allowed to use this picture? For our Museum and maybe for the next article in our local newspaper? The picture is also interesting for the Robin Chapel in Edinburgh and the Thistle Foundation. Both was builted to remind Robin Tudsbery who was the only child. His parents was so sad about Robin's death that they builted the Robin Chapel to remind him. Thanks a lot that you loaded it up.
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    Thanks Tony...where did you find that Information?
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    Thanks to all of you that you are so helpfull. That helps us a lot
    Greetings from Germany
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    Hi, I picked up the photo on eBay a long time ago, its an original but not sure if it was one of several or if it is "the" original and not really sure how copyright works (anyone can feel free to jump in with advice) - I'm happy for it to be used in any way that helps preserve the memory of these 3 lads and would be delighted to see it shared. I have read a bit about the chapel and also recently saw some bits about his friendship with the young Princesses.

    Queen to honour army officer bodyguard who protected her during World War II but was killed before conflict ended | Daily Mail Online
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    In the Army Casualty Lists, but don't get excited they do not provide any more information on the circumstances, they are just lists. You may find more information in war diaries but I would guess it was not any form of 'battle' incident as that would be killed in action.
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    Thanks Tony....every little bit helps
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    Thank you very much...of course I know this article...I try to find as much as I can do about every soldier that died in and around our area

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