Horsa parts / Varsity DZ A

Discussion in 'NW Europe' started by alberk, Aug 9, 2021.

  1. alberk

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    I just went through some photos taken to document my finds on DZ A. I found these parts mostly in the 1980... What does this typeplate tell us about the Horsa it belonged to?
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  2. alberk

    alberk Well-Known Member

    And this piece features some sort of socket for a plug: Holz mit Anschlussteil-RS.JPG

    It is about 10 inches x 5 inches...

    Holz mit Anschlussteil-VS.JPG
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  3. Alex1975uk

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    I’m sure there must be a record of serial numbers somewhere?
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  4. alberk

    alberk Well-Known Member

    Ellern aerial.png The site of the find suggests that someone probably piled up Horsa parts there and set them on fire... found quite a bit of burnt material was there, too. A farmer cleared his field probably. It is not the actual crash site or landing site of a Horsa.
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  5. AB64

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    There is a booklet by former forum member Philip Reinders on Arnhem glider tags, not sure if you can somehow get access to a copy, not sure what info it contains. I have it in mind that the serial number is the glider number and the numbers below are added when a modification is made - I'm sure I've seen a thread on them on another forum but can't recall where

    I'd also suggest dropping a note to the Glider Collection Wofheze Glider Museum – Wolfheze, the Netherlands
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  6. JimHerriot

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    Given the state of my eyesight nowadays I'm still none the wiser, but I think the answer may be within here somewhere (hoping that one of you eagle-eyed folks may crack it)

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    Front cover.jpg

    Manual contents.jpg

    Lighting Radio & Signalling.jpg

    Cockpit Port Side.jpg

    Cockpit Port Side key.jpg
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