Home of The Royal Military College 1802 -1812,Marlow Buckinghamshire

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    Luckily there was a food delivery as I walked past and managed to get a photo when the gates opened



    The main house was built around 1720 and was occupied by the Royal Military Academy, a facility conceived by Colonel John Le Marchant for training potential junior officers aged 13 to 18, from the Academy's formation in May 1802[2] until it moved to Sandhurst as the Junior Department of the Royal Military College, in 1811.[3] A stable block, located a short distance south-east of the house, was built around that time.[4] The house was acquired by Thomas Wethered, a brewer, in the first half of the 19th century and it was occupied by Lieutenant Commander Owen Wethered, High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire, in the 1960s.[5] The family business was Thomas Wethered & Sons Ltd, a brewery which operated in Marlow from 1758[6] until it closed in 1988.[7] Remnantz has been owned by the Bosley family since 2007
    Remnantz - Wikipedia
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