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    HG and decoy sites: I've heard and read several anecdotes from people about some decoy sites, such as in Wales, that claim the HG (and civilians) manned them after the Blitz died down and the regular troops were redeployed elsewhere.

    Is this fact or hearsay, as although they did have other roles e.g. AA, bomb disposal etc, I have not seen any HG book, record or other official document stating the HG did man decoys. Has anyone ever seen/got any official proof?
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    The evidence would seem to suggest that Starfish sites were certainly manned by RAF personnel - any searches seem to reference RAF crews; although this http://www.aviationmuseum.net/AirfieldDecoys.htm seems to hint at perhaps railway personnel manning specific railway decoys - and employees of the Sound City company where Col. Turner, the architect of decoy sites set up his HQ seem to have been involved, but not actually manning the sites.
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