HMS Jaguar rescue of A P Cusworth @ Dunkirk

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    Hi all...I am researching a family member Anthony P Cusworth who was an Army Sergeant in 1940. He was thrown into the sea (no detail, only family records) at Dunkirk and picked up by HMS Jaguar. I am looking for confirmation/details and wonder if anyone has access to the ship's log for those days HMS Jaguar was at Dunkirk. This is a bit of a long shot, as those few days were I guess quite panicked times on the ship.

    He survived, got back to England and subsequently is recorded as an RAF Flight Sergeant, W/O, flying on Sunderland aircraft, surviving two incidents : ditching in the Atlantic, later in 1940, (where 4 of his colleagues were lost) and being rescued by HMAS Australia and crashing in Iceland in 1941, where 3 of his colleagues were killed (I have some published detail of both these incidents)

    I am new to researching so please forgive if this is in the wrong place.

    Regards, Chris
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    This Wiki entry for the ship has eight footnotes in the passage on Dunkirk: HMS Jaguar (F34) - Wikipedia

    There is this passage in a national Archives summary for Dunkirk:
    There's also a one page typed report from the ship. See: Miracles and myths: The Dunkirk Evacuation – Part 2: The heroism of the Royal Navy - The National Archives blog
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    HMS Jaguar, destroyer

    I would guess you will find it exceedingly difficult to find one mans name written down as being picked up under the circumstances of those few days, as you allude to yourself. I would guess also that the only way to probably answer that question would be from someones first hand personal account
    I have the feeling the crew of Jaguar would be more concerned with saving lives and themselves - hopefully naval members will be along to help out.

    You should start with obtaining service records and they are only held by the MOD - the link to the forms is here Request records of deceased service personnel, just make sure you fill out the right sections

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    Very few Log Books for the smaller RN vessels (Destroyer and below) for WW2 have survived. Those that do are in the National Archives in ADM 53. I have checked this and can see none for HMS Jaguar.

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    I'm very intrigued by his wartime service as it's so varied, taking in Dunkirk, a ditching and a crash landing in only a matter of months! Please can you share details of the published details you mention for these?
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    Captain R. R. Stewart, RAN’s report of this incident:

    Link to photo of upturned aircraft added: | The Australian War Memorial
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    Thank you Tim, much appreciated
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    Hi there - yes, he had a very interesting and varied history. I have only recently come into possession of his personal papers, which unfortunately do not include his RAF log books but do include photos and personal diaries. I have been able to track his very varied history, which is extensive. Unfortunately, my Laptop is not functioning properly at the moment and cannot download correctly so this is done on a smart phone.

    I have included some screenshots.

    Both incidents can be found on line

    The Atlantic incident is on the 'Ahoy-mac' website and on the Navy site

    The Icelandic incident can be found on the 'ww2 crash sites in iceland'

    Flight Sergeant A P Cusworth 204 Squadron

    Atlantic rescue - Sunderland P9620 KG-K - 28th October 1940
    (spelling of his surname is incorrect - have requested change)

    Iceland mountain crash Sunderland P9023 KG-G April 24th 1941

    In 1946/47 he was in India as the Staff Officer to the Supreme Commander of South East Asia
    and followed that up by becoming the Commandant of Southend Airport, when SA was the 2nd largest freight terminal in the UK. But there's more! I am attempting to compile a detailed document regarding his entire exploits 1940 to 1978 and it's like reading fiction!

    Although he was in the Army, pre-1940 he is then in the RAF, later on in 1940, so I am unsure how this change transpired but perhaps he was seconded.

    This guy used to visit my Dad at Christmas and I knew absolutely nothing of his exploits until last March, when I inherited his personal effects - I don't believe anyone has viewed these documents for 40+ years.

    Thank you for your interest and as you can see, I don't mind describing this to anyone who will listen, whatsoever!



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    Thanks for this - I have not seen this account before and find it quite intense. Tony was a survivor but when reading this report from the ship's Captain, it all seems so recent....4 of his colleagues drowned in the waters beside him...disturbing and historic - must have affected them all for years, yet I never heard one word from him of this or any, experience. One of Tony Cusworth's colleague's was Sergeant H W Taylor and I can't imagine the turmoil they both suffered in this and the Iceland incident. Thanks - I have added this description to my file.

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