HMS Isis sunk 20/7/44 — wreck location

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    I would be grateful to receive for the help and advice of forum members regarding how I can confirm the longitude and latitude of the wreck of HMS Isis. The ship was sunk by a mine whilst it was on patrol in the English Channel.

    My Google searches have return two different locations.

    HMS Isis (D87) - Wikipedia
    Isis struck a mine and sank on 20 July 1944 at the position 49°27′N 0°41′W in channel 'T' off the western sector of the Normandy landing beaches.

    HMS Isis (D 87) of the Royal Navy - British Destroyer of the I class - Allied Warships of WWII -
    The wreck is in 20 meters of water about 5 miles North-East of Courseulles-sur-Mer, Normandy in position 49.27.196N, 00.36.574W.

    Sadly neither cites a reference for their respective co-ordinates.

    Many thanks.
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    trying to find exact confirmation, found this in Admiralty War Diaries, unfortuanately no “exact” location

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    Thank you Temujin.
    Any idea what an 'Oboe buoy' is?
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    O Buoy must be a designation for a particular Buoy, others should have another letter of alphabet.

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