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    I have just been looking through a copy of Whitakers Almanac for 1941 (soon to be offered for sale). The "Events for the year (Nov 1 39 to Oct 31 40)" starts with details for "The War Against Hitlerism".
    This is the first time I have come across the term - do any other members have any other instances of the use of this term?
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    There's a (post-war) esoteric/occult belief in Hitler as a supernatural entity who was deified after his suicide.

    Esoteric Hitlerism.

    Less specifically, I would assume that it's a way of differentiating Nazi fascism from other brands of fascism, in the way that there are dozens of flavours of Communism named after the particular thinker you follow: Marxism, Leninism, Trotskyism, Maoism, Dengism etc.
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    1. the political principles or policies of Hitler or the Nazi party in Germany 1933–45.
      "the rise of Hitlerism in Germany"

    From Google
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    Some forum uses:

    Starkey & Beevor
    Hitlerite obsession

    Roosevelt speech:
    Speeches from World War Two

    The sadly-departed brndrt/Clint uses the term:
    Hitler's Biggest Mistake

    Soviet tribute to an airman:
    Wing Commander Brendan Finucane, D.S.O., D.F.C. & 2 Bars


    There may be overriding 'philosophies', but often the specific views & policies of the leader, or other defining group, requires its own terminology.

    Certainly in use in the 40s it seems, though hardly popular. 'Nazism' has so much more bite.

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    Wondering is it was a term more favoured by Soviet sources.
    They certainly like a bit of ism, and it's interesting on a light Google how it chimes alongside certain possibly left-leaning contemporary sources.
    (I say possibly, as this seems to relate to 'Un-American' hearings)

    Looks like a fun read from 1932:
    (Does actually look quite interesting. Pseudonym of Louis Leo Snyder )
    iron fist.jpg
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    I imagine 'Hitlerism' avoided the elephant in the room when trying to explain National Socialism was right-wing and 'nothing at all to do with us'.
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