Hi I'm looking for a book on WW2 from the perspective of the Soviets

Discussion in 'User Introductions' started by Patrick66, Feb 21, 2021.

  1. Patrick66

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    Can you make a recommendation? Thanks in advance!
  2. stolpi

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    David M. Glantz wrote several good books on the Eastern Front. Glantz had access to the Russian archives and made extensive use of Russian files for his studies.

    I especially was impressed by his "When Titans Clashed, How the Red Army stopped Hitler".

    But a few of his long list of publications are:


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  3. stolpi

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    See also Johanthan M. House. Together with David Glantz, House co-authored several books on the military history of the Eastern Front.

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  4. alberk

    alberk Well-Known Member

    Richard Overy: "Russia's War 1941 - 1945"
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  7. von Poop

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    From the perspective of 'a' Soviet:
    Evgeni Bessonov - Tank Rider.


    Well-written/translated & convincing memoir of one infantryman's pretty intense war. More about the day-to-day survival than grand strategy, I (and others I've forced it on) thoroughly enjoyed it.
  8. Rostick

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    A Writer at War: Vasily Grossman with the Red Army (Vasily Grossman)

    Lady Death: The Memoirs of Stalin's Sniper (Lyudmila Pavlichenko)
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  9. Patrick66

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    What's sad is that we'll likely never know the full truth of the Soviet perspective because of Soviet censorship during and after the war. Hearing Zhukov's uncensored views would be fascinating.
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  10. Wobbler

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    Read Vasily Grossman’s book many years ago, excellent.
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  12. Harry Ree

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    Grossman's embedded account of being in the front line with the Red Army to Berlin is worth while reading. He did suffer some disadvantages as he recalls from being of the Jewish faith.
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