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Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by Paul Wilson, Jan 14, 2021.

  1. Paul Wilson

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    Hi there, newby here with what will probably be a straightforward question. Please excuse if similar requests have been posted by others. Attached is the 'tracer card' for Wilf Hudspith. Am I right in thinking that after he enlisted he first served with 229th (Unit, Regiment?) as Anti-Aircraft Driver? Transferred 16 Dec 1942 to ? He joined the Heavy? Anti-Aircraft Regt on 20 Feb 1943? I take it his service would have been in the UK only?
    Any advice on what these various other entries also mean would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  2. Chris C

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  3. Tricky Dicky

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    Hi Paul

    The other document you really need is his service record and you have to go to the MOD for them the forms you need are here Request records of deceased service personnel. These records should confirm the units he was with, and the added information of where he went and when i.e which theatres of the war he was involved with. If he landed in France they will provide the date he did that and they will also give you his medal entitlement


    Example of a Medal Entitlement sheet in a service record Army Records Ron Sheet 03 | WW2Talk from one of our members

    Or this link to see the rest of his comprehensive record - Ron's Army Records | WW2Talk - I have to say that not all are as complete as these
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  5. Derek Barton

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    229 is 229 Anti-Aircraft Driver Training Regiment RA based at Blackpool. He might of been taught to drive by my Dad who was a driving instructor with the RA in Blackpool.
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  7. Paul Wilson

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    Many thanks TD; getting hold of those more detailed records looks like the way to go - I'll follow up your leads. :salut:
  8. Paul Wilson

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    Thanks again, TD, another helpful lead. Getting very interesting.
  9. Paul Wilson

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    Thanks Derek, seems amazing that I've stumbled on this connection straight away. Perhaps they trained them on Blackpool beach for the dunes of North Africa! :D
    He came back in one piece at any rate so his training must have been sound.

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