Help with Paratrooper names.

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    Thanks, I keep getting snippets more of info. I'm sure the service record will tell me more. I've found where the archives are held and its in my city! Plus there's a curator there! Fortunate or fate. You decide. There are also some war diaries held there too. A chap contacted me on here who has access to other diaries if that fails. Progress if being made. Thanks for the help!
  2. Philip Reinders

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    There is no WD of the 10th Parachute Bn from Arnhem, it was buried a HQ clerck somewhere on the battlefield.
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    That's interesting, thank you. He did serve in the 2nd Battalion 8th Army in the war also. This is new territory to me so I'm grateful for all the help and information people are giving me.
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  4. John Dempster

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    The "Unknown Trooper" is Sergeant Leslie McCreedie form Newtownards. He is my Great-Uncle and my father was named after him. I've attached a photo we have of him. Our family is positave the "Unknown Trooper" is Leslie McCreedie.

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