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  1. Paul Burley

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    I've been trying to find out information for two of my relatives that served in WW2.
    The first is:
    Edmund Harry Hambly
    Service no. T/5439745
    Royal Army Service Corps
    Medals awarded were 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal and War Medal 1939-45
    I would be particularly interested in finding out where in Italy and Africa he served. He apparently drove tank transporters.

    The second is:
    Frederick Charles Tregunna
    Service no. KX172210
    Royal Navy
    Medals awarded 1935-45 Star, Atlantic Star and War Medal 1939-45

    This information is from relatives and although I have tried searching on numerous websites I haven't found a thing. I'm at a dead end and hoping someone can help

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  3. Paul Burley

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    That makes sense now. I will definitely do that, thanks very much
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    For info: Frederick Tregunna.
    Service No. (in the RN actually called Official No.) the KX indicates he was in the Stoker Branch. The No. is also incomplete as there should be a prefix letter indicating his Port Division (Welfare Authority) most commonly a D/ (Devonport), P/(Portsmouth) or C/ (Chatham).

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  5. Paul Burley

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    Hi Tim,
    Yes, you are right there is a C missing from my grandfathers Official No. Thanks for the info.

    I've also heard from my Uncle who confirmed he was a stoker on MTB720 which suffered a friendly fire incident on the 4th May 1944.

    With regard to obtaining their service records I have ordered their death certificates so once they arrive I'll send the application to the MOD and wait....

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  6. Paul Burley

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    I have received the service records for my Grandfather and have been going through the locations of the numerous shore establishments at which he served. These include HMS Arthur, Cabot, Attack, Nemo, Westcliff, Aggressive, Hornet, Pembroke and Odyssey.

    However, I am struggling to find much info on HMS Royal Albert. One site suggests it was a shore establishment based in Cuxhaven, Germany. This would make sense as this is not far from Nienburg where he also served. Also what does Lent: Detention duty mean?

    HMS Royal Albert----------Stoker 1st Class----------10 Dec 1945 to 03 Jan 1946

    Passage----------------------Stoker 1st Class-----------04 Jan 1946 to 19 Jan 1946

    HMS Royal Albert----------Stoker 1st Class-----------20 Jan 1946 to 22 Apr 1946

    Lent: Nienburg--------------Stoker 1st Class-----------23 Apr 1946 to 24 May 1946

    HMS Royal Albert----------Stoker 1st Class-----------25 May 1946 to 21 Jun 1946

    Passage----------------------Stoker 1st Class-----------22 Jun 1946 to 25 Jun 1946

    HMS Royal Albert----------Stoker 1st Class-----------26 Jun 1946 to 10 Jul 1946

    Lent: Detention Duty-------Stoker 1st Class----------11 Jul 1946 to 12 Jul 1946

    HMS Royal Albert-----------Stoker 1st Class----------13 Jul 1946 to 02 Aug 1946

    Lent: Detention Duty-------Stoker 1st Class-----------03 Aug 1946 to 04 Aug 1946

    HMS Royal Albert-----------Stoker 1st Class-----------05 Aug 1946 to 08 Aug 1946

    Lent: Detention Duty-------Stoker 1st Class-----------09 Aug 1946 to 09 Aug 1946

    HMS Royal Albert-----------Stoker 1st Class-----------10 Aug 1946 to 13 Sep 1946

    His records also shows he served on MGB 56, MTB 720 and MTB 739. Does anyone have any info/pictures of these?

    I am still waiting for the records of my other relative. I've been informed that they've been transferred to the National Archives and am awaiting news from the MOD personnel access team.


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    I believe HMS Royal Albert was a naval port party, formed in 1945 to repair/get back into service ports in Occupied Germany, both on the rivers and sea coast. It may well had a depot ship of the same name, as I've found a photo of a smallish, one-funnel (motor?) ship of the same name, probably taken over from the Germans. By late 1945 it was working on the Elbe, either Hamburg or its nearby downstream outport at Cuxhaven. "Stoker 1st class" may mean he was on the ship, but just as likely either shore or on (say) a tug or launch controlled by the shore party.
    I was interested in HMS Nemo earlier in the war. Any idea why he was there?
  9. Paul Burley

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    Hi, thanks for the info. That would make sense as he was in Naval Party 1528/1732 which was a port repair section in Alost, Terneuzen, Rotterdam and Breda.

    As for HMS Nemo, i'm not sure. He was only there from 21st to 28th October 1943. He spent a short amount of time at most of the shore establishments along the south coast. The exception was HMS Attack at Portland
  10. timuk

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    From Naval Party, Royal Navy, 1942-1991 by Ben Warlow
    1749 Flag Officer Berlin - *formed Princes Garden Kensington 02.45/ to Minden 06.45/there to 07.09.46, then to Hamburg* (reported as Norfolk Ho 04.43 – to DRYAD 26.06.44) 39 Princes Gardens, Kensington SW 7 03- 06.06.45/Minden 06 – 08.45 (Brit Naval CinC Germany & Staff 07.45)/ROYAL ALBERT09.45- 06.51/(see also 1645 * 1812)
    {ROYAL ALBERT opened Princes Gardens 01.01.45 – Commissioned 01.04.45, from Minden to Hamburg 15.09.46, to Cuxhaven 01.03.51, PAID OFF 16.07.57)

    HMS Royal Albert was a shore base. However it had various small craft attached as nominal depot ships.
    From 'Shore Establishments of the Royal Navy' by Lt Cdr B Warlow these were:
    Steamboat Breiranbach 01.04.45-
    Warnow to 03.10.45
    Diesel Lch Columbus II 03.10.45-
    P6030 ex German ML 1952

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