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Discussion in 'Prisoners of War' started by SteveB, Sep 2, 2021.

  1. SteveB

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    Can anyone help me with the name of the POW camp on the attached, from January to April 1944.
    Looks like Canbrui no 3?

    Steve RAYMOND_Edward_Arthur_1024x1024.jpg
  2. JimHerriot

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    Hello Steve, my best guess is that it's referring to one of the Kan'buri camps.

    Good luck with your searching.

    Kind regards, always,

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  3. bamboo43

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    I would think it is a phonetical misspelling of what was sometimes listed back then as Kamburi Camp.
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  4. JimHerriot

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  5. JimHerriot

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    And, in case you don't have it Steve.

    Raymond, E  A.jpg

    Raymond, E  A back.jpg

    Kind regards, always,

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  6. timuk

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    Gnr E A Raymond was one of the Party of POWs from Padang known as the British Sumatra Battalion. 85 A/T Regt were not in Sumatra so it is most likely he escaped from Singapore and had made his way to Padang hoping to find a ship.
    (Ref: The British Sumatra Battalion by A A Apthorp) and a member of the Work Party 51 Kumi.

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  7. SteveB

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    Cheers all, appreciate your replies
    Thanks Jim, didn't have that
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