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    Hello all

    This is my first post to the forum. I hope that somebody might be able to assist.

    I recently received a copy of my late grandfather's RAF service record from the MoD. There were just two pages, the first of which was mostly personal details. The second page is attached, as well as a close-up of the area of the second page which particularly interests me.

    I had known that my grandfather had served as a driver/mechanic in the RAF during WW2, and was based in India. He served 1942-1946, of which 1943-1946 was spent in India.

    I had hoped that the service record would allow me to track his movements in India, so that I could see exactly where he was based. The relevant section of the service record contains a lot of acronyms and details which have confused me, as a result of my relative lack of experience of researching these records.

    I wondered if anybody might be in a position to assist me in deciphering what is included on this second page of the service record.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Form 543 was an index sheet to records stored elsewhere in the RAF Central Registry.

    It was retained for pension purposes to show dates served and for medal issue. Never intended to be chapter and verse CV for an individual.

    Looking at the file of units in the Central Registry will give where the formation operated and what it's role was.

    Most primary Central Registry files for formations were transferred to The National Archives

    Operations record book | The National Archives

    Appendices | The National Archives

    You can personnaly inspect them here.

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    From inspections that I have done the wing HQ was generally located at St. Thomas Mount/Avadi but controlled a large number of squadrons with varied role including Flying boat, air store park aircraft servicing parties, repair and salvage units eg all the support functions needed for field operations.

    Also co located was the Surgical Hospital he was admitted and the discharged from.

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