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  1. Cb2399

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    Hello! I’m hoping to get some insight into the pictures that I have attached. They were inherited after my granddads passing. I have absolutely no idea who the people pictures are! I have suspicions they are family and would’ve originated from Lancashire if this is any help.
    I’ve been told individual portraits appear to be navy, and one may be from the 11th hussars.
    I have no idea about this sort of thing but hope that any info anyone can give may help me to track down who the people in the photos may be! Thank you

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  2. Tullybrone

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    My two penneth....

    As you say the first 2 are Naval Personnel. If you scroll down this link you ought to be able to identify their rank badges.

    Ranks, Badges and Pay in the Royal Navy in World War 2

    Number 3 is a soldier but as no cap badge is visible I can’t help any further.

    Number 4 & 5 are RAF groups. I can’t see any “air crew badges” so they look to be ground based but I can’t make out whether they are ground grew or RAF Regiment personnel.

    Other members may be able to assist further.

    Good Luck

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  3. gmyles

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    Third is tricky as I cant see a cap badge anywhere.

    Fourth pic is RAF.

    Chap furthest right has RAF Eagle at the top of his sleeve. Chap sitting in front of him has two horizontal propellers indicating they are Leading Aircraftsman (LAC).

    Chap standing second third from left has a RAF 'chip bag' hat tucked in his left epaulette. Chap in middle of pic with pipe is a Sgt.

    Fifth is RAF too.

    Hope this helps

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  4. Harry Ree

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    5th group photograph has what might be the officer in charge,ie A Warrant Officer. centre front row....Could be a group of trade instructors although as pointed out there is an LAC among the group.

    At times Corporals acted as trade Instructors depending on the Group trade.

    This group may have been instructors of a Group 1 or 11 trade.

    Afterthought on the LAC...Might have been an admin clerk belonging to the instructor group
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  5. Cb2399

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    Thank you! I’m looking into all of this further. Dad and I have been scanning them in tonight to try and make them clearer.

    Is there any good places to search names to find out any military records? I have some possible names but I’ve got a bit lost searching for records on the Ancestry website. Did individual regiments keep records of names at all that you can access somewhere online?
    I’m aware you can send off for records.. but I think it would require obtaining a lot of birth certificates so I can get accurate info? which is not something I can do just yet.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate the help.
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  6. Tullybrone

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    The only way to obtain accurate WW2 era service details is via U.K. MOD. There is no shortcut.

    Request records of deceased service personnel

    You really need a name to search elsewhere such as Casualty Lists on Findmypast and gallantry awards and officer promotions via the London Gazette. Be wary of searching on Forces War Records.

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  7. Tricky Dicky

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    Its the death certificate thats more important - it will/should include the date of birth - but it allows the MOD to fulfill their duty of care in releasing details depending when they died - if indeed they have died, we still have veterans on this site

    Is there anything written on the backs of the photos?? - post what details you have and members will help search

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  8. Cb2399

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    No names or any writing on the backs of photographs. As far as I can find, any potential family members who served all survived from what I can see from public records - their deaths dated after the war. I’m assuming this makes it harder?

    Only details I do have for certain are of a great grandmother and father who were at the WAAF definitely in 1951 (as addressed on my Nana’s birth certificate) but I’m unsure if they would’ve been there during the war, and I can’t find their names on anything I’ve searched on yet.
  9. Bruneval

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    First photo is a Royal Navy Petty Officer (cross anchors). The second is a Royal Navy Leading Seaman.
  10. timuk

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    Photo 2 is not a Leading Seaman. He is a Leading Rate from one of the Miscellaneous Branches ie: Leading Supply Assistant, Leading Writer, Leading Cook etc. Unfortunately you can't tell which Branch as his Specialisation Badge will be on his right sleeve.

  11. Shiny 9th

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    Bear in mind the men in the photos might be friends rather than relatives. Young men who went to school together or were in same football team or a church group etc. would all have volunteered or been called up around the same time.Perhaps saw each other when home on leave, kept in touch and sent photos.I would look for connections near to home and bear work in mind.My parents had photos from pals in their walking group, who sent pics in uniform, especially at start of war.

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