Help locating a 1947 prisoner list for 'Camp 268' Norduck Farm/Little Brickhill, Bucks

Discussion in 'UK PoW Camps' started by Leo Hickman, Mar 5, 2021.

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    If the Germans only arrived in 1946, that is an indication the camp was previously occupied by Italians, who all left by mid 1946 to return home. I can't seem to find a list saying when Camp 268 opened but its likely to have been in 1945, but after the war ended in May. A War Office list I do have does not list it in April 1945.The two officers were likely to be doctors assisting the British medical staff. (Language skills needed when dealing with patients). The Poles were likely ethnic Germans, citizens pre-1939 in parts of Poland taken from Germany in 1919. They likely did not want to be associated with Soviet dominated Poland post WW2. There were German speaking communities pre-war across Europe and that might account for the other nationalities. The Allies tried to weed out the nationalities and Toft Hall camp became their final home.

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