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Discussion in 'General' started by Rostick, Apr 11, 2021.

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    I hope this is the right thread. Help would be appreciated if you could sacrifice a couple of minutes of your time.

    Two months ago I launched, after an old popular instagram account of mine was disabled for some odd reason. The website is about historical images with original descriptions, book suggestions, book reviews and movie reviews.

    Now, I am not getting too many hits on it, which we could say is somewhat normal since it's a new website and still not well indexed in Google.

    However, I noticed that the people who do visit (mainly from my social media pages) are not spending any time on the site. Most are exiting instantly and the few who do stay just spend a few seconds. Almost nobody is visiting multiple pages.

    I have launched other websites on different topics and this lack of interest is something new to me. My social media accounts are appreciated and have organic followers interested in WW2, so I can't understand why nobody is spending any time on the website. I don't promote it aggressively, I'm not shoving it on ppl's throats.

    As WW2 afficionados or experts, I would love to hear your opinion about the site. Do you like it? Is it not engaging at all? Have I structured it the wrong way? Does this kind of content only work on social media? Too many ads? (I think there are barely any) Could it be just a rough start?

    I am confused and this really is an honest question, I'm not just looking to promote the site. Thank you!
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  3. Lindele

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    Welcome to the site.
    I have seen some of the pics before, or similar shots.
    What makes all of it unique?
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    My only thought is don't pay too much attention to Google analytics or traffic counters, especially in early stages.
    The best sites are built on enthusiasm. Keep plodding along, and people will come.
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    Well, I knew from the start that it's very hard to come up with something unique on this topic, so my solution was to come up with a book suggestion on each photograph, plus book reviews and movie reviews. I do try to post some lesser known images and I have a topic with "rare images" (mostly scanned from books) which I will make visible when I get more of them.
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    Thanks for the reply. I agree with you and I didn't even check analytics for a while. It's just that I noticed this trend and it makes no sense to me that virtually nobody is browsing the site, even in early stages.
  7. CL1

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    Give it time as you know the internet is a big old place
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