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  1. Hello my name is Prospero Tadashi Quevedo, I've been into military modeling since I was five years old, my relatives said they thought I was going to be a genius because I was even in kindergarten or preschool and I could look at the instructions and put the model together and I was so neat with my glue, lol sorry I disappointed them. I'm no genius but had a natural sense of shapes and how things should go together I was a natural handyman fixing things around the house and building storage racks and shelving, book cases etc. Anyway I'm a member on wwii forums here in the USA and members mentioned this was a great site for ww2 as well so I'm here for a try. I hope everybody had a great Christmas and New Years and I hope we all have a better year and that they finally eradicate covid no matter what they say on the news.
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    Welcome to the forum, Prospero!
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    Welcome to ww2talk Prospero.

    I already know you from ww2f.
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    Welcome to the forum PTQ
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    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome and enjoy.!!!
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    Welcome to the forum
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I'd like to see your models if you'd care to post them.

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