Has anyone come across Anthony Alfred Glynn 1042532 RAF

Discussion in 'The War In The Air' started by Daveglynn, Apr 24, 2013.

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    I am currently building up a history of my late grandfather who briefly served on Lancasters and allegedly crossed over to a different Aircraft type to serve over in Burma. I am asking anyone who may have listed any stories, Photo`s which may have the name (Anthony Alfred Glynn 1042532 RAF) mentioned within the crew. I know he served over in North wales at Llandwrog Air base near Cearnarvon, North wales, then i thiink he moved over to burma. He originaly was on Lancasters first until he got busted down in rank, however i`m unable to track which squadrons he may have been posted too.

    If you have any info / photo`s of him amongst crew members please contact me here

    Kind Regards

    Dave G
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    Hi Dave,

    I have a funny feeling we have something in common.

    My fathers name was Anthony Alfred Glynn and he served in the RAF (as did I). He was also at Llandwrog and had the Burma Star. In later years he lived in Conway. I also remember he gave his old flying helmet to his grandson called David.

    Since reading your position have sent a number of messages but I think you may have left the site. I hope not. As I would dearly love to catch up and assist you.

    These days I live in Tasmania, Australia.


    Howard Glynn
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    HI All,

    well it seems as though I have been a way for a while now, needless to say that through this website an Uncle of mine saw my post of his Dad and got in touch with me. We haven't seen or spoken in over 30yrs as he left the UK many years ago and now lives quite far away. so anyways a few emails exchanged and some new info has come to light regarding my grand father.

    It turns out that he wasn't a Lancaster pilot as previously thought however he was stationed as Llandwrog in north wales training to be a gunner, service details are till unclear but I was told that he went on to serve In Burma, India, Singapore and Malaysia and apparently he was also a Japanese POW for a short time before being freed.

    I am still waiting to see any details on his full service history, I contacted the Burma star website but they don't seem to have a record for him which I have been told by at least two members of my family was that he did have this medal for time overseas.

    maybe I should give them another try and give the Service number (1042532) I was told about.

    if not then this year I can now apply for his service record so 30 quid may well be worth paying out.

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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Hello Dave

    apply for his records now, it will save a lot of guess work and dead ends.

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    Dave, The Burma Star website is run by a charity and does not have an official list of service personnel who were awarded the Buma Star.Suggest you have a good read of other posts on this website,to gain some insight into the theatre of war your grandfather served in.Read around the subject, while you are waiting for the service record to arrive.When it does,scan it into this post and there will be lots of help with interpretation.
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    Good advice re the service record, it should be the first document to obtain in research such as this.

    Good luck, Peter

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