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    "GLOSSOP" from 4th Grenadier's can be found on 1147.24

    1147.24 "Goch Grabbed" ( nice Archer shots too.

    GOCH GRABBED! - British Pathe

    "GLOUCESTER V" and "NEWBURY" also 4th Grenadiers can be found on 1987.01

    1987.01 "Dutch Crowds, Tanks Lined Up" Lots of other named Churchills here but could not make them out.


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    [Copied from ]

    The following British Pathe films show various 3rd Scots Churchills

    1147.11 "Monty's New Offencive" shows "STAFFA" after about 130 frames

    MONTY'S NEW OFFENSIVE - British Pathe

    1147.18 "The Push on the Rhine" shows "SPEY" around frame 55

    THE PUSH ON THE RHINE - British Pathe

    There is a more complete film of the above on

    1147.20 "The Push in the Rhine". Don't ask, one says on the other says in.

    THE PUSH IN THE RHINE - complete version - British Pathe

    "Dundee", "Crail" and "Garry" appear in Mr. Churchill's Tank
    "Esk" in BT White's British Tank Names
    "Lewis" in British Tanks in Normandy
    "Skye" can be found at BU 3550 on the IWM on-line site.

    Hope that helps.

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    'The Push in the Rhine' - Reluctant as I am to ask - what the heck - is that the voice of Bob Danvers Walker? Try hiding the age now!

    At 1.49 on the Pathe item, the perfect example of the use of White Phosphorous instant smoke.
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    Stock Footage - General Alexander celebrates St. Patrick's Day with the Irish Guards at Cassino front in Italy during World War II.

    General Alexander celebrates St. Patrick's Day with the Irish Guards at Cassino front in Italy during World War II.
    Location: Italy
    Date: 1944, March 17
    Duration: 38 sec
    Sound: Yes
    Saint Patrick's Day being celebrated at Cassino front in Italy during World War II. General Alexander, who served with the Regiment in WW1, celebrates St. Patrick's Day with the 1st Battalion Irish Guards. He presents the Shamrock as well as gallantry awards to the Guardsmen who had fought at Anzio. Later they march past while General Alexander takes the salute. [?Allied troops pass in review before the Allied Supreme Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower.] British Anzio rocket guns being fired.
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    Pathé have recently tidied up and made available unissued fragments.

    This appears to be The Guards Armoured Div entering Belgium. The water tanker is carrying a Field Arty. Regt. AoS marking alongside the Guard's formation sign.


    The Pathé cataloguer thinks that he could see Americans - Perhaps unsurprisingly, I couldn't.

    Some of the houses are covered with drying tobacco leaves.
  6. Rich Payne

    Rich Payne Rivet Counter Patron 1940 Obsessive

    Examination of footage posted on the 1940 sub-forum showed a Humber Utility displaying the '14' Arm of Service marking and Formation Sign of 1st Infantry Division indicating 2nd Coldstreams.

    Further research suggests that this is likely to be an un-shown cinema newsreel record of the aftermath of the battalion's first experience of air attack.

    TROOPS IN BELGIUM - MAY 1940 - British Pathé

    The incident is explained in some detail on this thread :-

    Guardsmen Fenwick and Seymour, 2nd Bn Coldstream Guards, 14.05.1940
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    Full title reads: "King Presents New Colours".

    Wellington Barracks.

    VS. of King George VI inspecting and then presenting colours to the Irish Guards in front of Wellington Barracks.

    Intertitle reads: "The Ceremony At The Tower".

    Tower of London.

    VS. of the King presenting Colours and then taking the salute at a march past of the Welsh Guards in the forecourt of their barracks at the Tower of London.
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  9. dbf

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    Princess Elizabeth Visits Grenadier Guards, 1944

    Unissued / Unused material.

    Location of events unclear / unknown.

    Various shots as Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) walks onto parade ground where Grenadier Guards are assembled. Various shots as she inspects them. M/S of her on podium as they march past. M/S as she walks off podium. C/U as she is introduced to various Guardsmen.
  10. dbf

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    Windsor, Berkshire.

    At Windsor Castle Quadrangle we see Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) celebrating her 16th birthday by inspecting the Grenadier Guards at a special parade. She is now their new Colonel. She is followed about the parade ground by King George VI, Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mother) and Princess Margaret. Princess Elizabeth wears a suit with the gold badge of the Grenadiers on her hat.

    Large military parade marches by the royals as Princess Elizabeth takes the salute. The Royal Family pose with the guards for the cameras, as if for a group photograph. Commentator mentions that "this may be regarded as a record of the first official occasion in the life of England's future Queen".
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    THREE V.C.'S - British Pathé

    Item title reads - Three V.C.'s.

    Buckingham palace, London.

    People stand around in the courtyard of the palace. M/S of civil defence worker Anthony Smith with his George Cross, he shows it to a policeman. M/S of Benjamin Gimbert, an engine driver, with his George Cross. M/S of him with his two daughters. M/S of three men awarded the Victoria Cross. They are Major Sidney of the Grenadier Guards, Company Sergeant-Major Hollis of the Green Howards, and Brigadier Campbell of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. M/S as they walk along together.

    William Sidney, 1st Viscount De L'Isle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Battle Of The Sergeants for welterweight championship.

    Location of events unknown.

    The referee Mr Barrington-Dalby stands in the boxing ring and introduces Ernie Roderick of the R.A.F. (Royal Air Force), and his opponent Arthur Danahar of the Irish Guards. They begin the fight. Danahar is knocked down but gets up and the fight continues. Various shots as they fight again and Danahar falls down a couple of times in the 13th round, but gets up and they fight on. The bell rings and Roderick is the winner of the Lonsdale belt, they shake hands and he is congratulated.
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    From 2.03 to 2.21
    Irish Guards, Buckingham Palace, Changing of Guard, red tunics swapped for khaki.

    War Comes to London (1940)
    from British Council Film PRO
    Britain enters World War Two, and the capital prepares itself for the trials ahead.
    Find out more information about this title at

    Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 19.00.53.png Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 19.01.06.png Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 19.01.21.png Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 19.02.06.png Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 19.02.33.png


    Britain Shoulder Arms (1940)
    from British Council Film
    Featuring footage of World War 1 and military training manoeuvres of all kinds, 'Britain Shoulders Arms' explores the British army as it modernises and goes to war.

    Find out more information about this title at
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    good day kevint,sm.25th and guards related footage on britich pathe,critical past,etc.a very informative post.great videos.when i see those troops blasting away,it makes me glad i went to sea,its an old post but a good one.regards bernasrd85
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    Thanks Bernard
    My Dad's cousin must have had the same thoughts, he left the Guards for the MN.
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    Note: Item filmed in several locations in France.

    Full titles read: "WITH THE ARMY 'OVER THERE'"

    Various shots, Guards Regiment digging trenches in France. Various shots, Duke of Windsor, Duke of Gloucester (Prince Henry) and Lord John Standish Gort, inspecting defences. L/S British troops building defences and digging trenches.

    L/S of light tanks moving at speed along roads and across fields.

    M/S of group of soldiers on manoeuvres in field. M/S and L/S of three Spitfires taking off from advance air base ( Cataloguer's note: although the commentator says the aircraft are Spitfires they are actually Hurricanes ).

    L/S's of soldiers uncovering several light armoured Bren Gun Carriers. L/S of light British tanks moving through farm and across fields. L/S Football match between the Royal Air Force ( RAF ) and French soldiers. L/S to M/S Pan with Spitfire diving low over airfield. Good L/S's of British troops bathing in tubs in a field. One soldier even exposes his bottom to the camera !.
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    Defence: First 'Tommy' Guns Issued To Guardsmen
    Woking, England: GV (Side V.) Irish Guardsmen holding guns. SV Front V. Irish Guards holding guns. CU Guns pan up to troops. CU Fitting detachable drum. CU Finger working trigger. SV Man aims gun. Angle shot Man aims gun. CU Finger pressing trigger. CU Barrel. F Walk Up V Barrel pointed at camera.
    ISSUE DATE: 11/07/1940
    No sound

    Full title reads; "This Is A Tommy Gun". VS MSs and CUs of troops carrying Tommy Guns. (Thompson Sub machine guns these ones are fitted with cylindrical barrels.). The soldiers, some of whom are wearing gas masks, are shown firing their guns. FILM ID:1049.43

    Object description
    Irish Guards wearing gasmasks advance through smoke with 'tommy guns' at the ready, Nooks Head near Woking in Surrey, 8 July 1940.
    Production date: 08/07/1940
    Catalogue number: H 2136
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    Re. Britain Shoulder Arms...

    Horse artillery c13mins.

    Guns, tanks and infantry display - 14min 45secs etc.
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